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Warning message "Needs Attention" on MD3200

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Hi All,

i have MD3200 Powervault at my company and currently i have a problen with 2 controllers

RAID Controller Module in Enclosure 0, Slot 0 --> Status : In service mode

RAID Controller Module in Enclosure 0, Slot 1 - Unable to retrieve latest data; using last known state.

i am looking to trouble on those controller but i am very poor on this to get it work.

Anyone can help?


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  • Hello Sodsada,

    You should be able to put RC0(Raid Controller 0) back on online as it is in service mode & should come back online.  As for RC1 that one could be bad.  Will need to look at a support bundle from the MD to be sure.  If you want to gather the support bundle we can look at it or you can call in & they can look at it as well.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions

    DELL-Sam L
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  • Sounds very serious; if it were me, I would be straight on the phone to Dell Enterprise Support (assuming that you do have a support agreement in place!).