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PowerVault 745N - OS Install


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PowerVault 745N - OS Install

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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone ever tried to install an OS other than Server 2003 to this box ..

I am tring to install Win 7 Pro to it , to use as a test box from something , and no matter what drivers I use the machine doesnt see the hard drives to be able to install it ..

Any advice ?

thanks ..

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  • Aloron,

    Unfortunately, Windows 7 is not a supported Operating System for the PV745N. The only supported Operating Systems are Windows 2000 Pro or Server, Windows 2003, or Windows XP. Below is the link for the Admin guide for the PV745N.

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Kenny K.

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  • Thanks for the advice Kenny .. that is a shame about Windoes 7 or anything newer ... the only trouble with your link though is it talks about a Resource CD and I dont have that .. it has been long since lost in this office ..

    So just hope I find the right drivers to work with the Server 2003 edition we have ..

  • Well just tried every driver on the download page and everytime i get to the page where it looks for the hard drive there is nothing listed ..

    So I hit " s " and have it point off to the usb floppy and every drive that is installs gives me the following message ..

    " The Scsi adapter, cd-rom drive, or special disk controller you specified is not installed in your computer "

    any thoughts anyone ??

    thanks ..

  • When it says a resource CD it is referring to the OS image from Microsoft. With these systems they come with a special image that includes the drivers so you will not need to load the 3rd party drivers. You just need to make sure it is the image that was originally sent for the system.

    Kenny K.

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  • pop the lid off the 745 and see what disk contoller is fitted. If it's hardware raid you'll see a pci plug in card at the rear with long sata cables going front to back. If it was software raid you'll see a small intel daughterboard near the front left of the motherboard with sata cable going to that. Get back to us with the findings.

  • Thanks Kenny for the information but as I have stated before I no discs or docs from when this server was bought it was found among a pile of servers not being used and boss told me to get it up and running and use it for something ..

    As for the card , it doesnt have the big pci raid controller card just the little one with the 4 gray sata cables coming into it ..

  • That is an intel serial ata contoller but the manuals do explain any further. You could try these drivers packed by symantec foruse with other stuff. www.symantec.com/.../sata-drivers-intel-ich9-and-ich10

  • Thanks Tommo666 for the link i tried both 9 and 10 .. 32b drivers and same thing .. no hard drives found and got the same error ....

    i am starting to wounder if its worth at this rate ..

  • You could try win7 if you have a copy availbable. This has all sorts of drivers built in. If it did work you could interegate the sata controller for it's id, pci and ven number. Then google that and get the model etc.

  • I would love to get it to work with windows 7 .. all i really need it for is a make shift file server until i can make a better one .. so will try 7 and report back ..

    thanks for the advice ... not sure about meant by about intergate the sata controller .. but will figure it out ..

  • Well that didnt work either ... tried windows 7 pro with all the drivers off the dell site and that site that tommo666 linked and still cant see the hard drives ..

    the bios see's them fine .. i just dont get it .. never had this much troubel in my life with computers ..

  • The 745n os is loaded from a pre built image that is deployed from the workstation to the nas. I don't have access to the recovery cd's. I could but it would take a couple of weeks. I am thinking of a different un-supported option, you could try one of these www.meritline.com/4-port-sata-i-host-controller-card-with-raid---p-76189.aspx

    and get some long sata cables. The drivers are available.

  • Hi,

    I'm absolutely desperate trying to get my 745n powervault working again.

    if someone could send me the resource cd i'd be eternally grateful.

    Thanks in advance

  • Unfortunately, The resource CD is not available to download. It is a disc that comes from Microsoft as it has the utilities and the OS on the same disc. Is your system still covered under the warranty? I tried to look online to see if someone may have that disc online like ebay but was not able to find it there for you either.

    Kenny K.

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  • I have all 5 CD's for that system. If you want to send me 5 CD-R disk and a return postage envelope, I will copy them and send them to you. These are the factory disk. The first one will create the USB Drive and the Client Server, the other four are OS CD's. you can email me at

    <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

    and I will give you the information where to send them if you are interested.