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I/O Station will not eject! PowerVault TL4000 & Backup Exec v11D 7170 with SP2


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I/O Station will not eject! PowerVault TL4000 & Backup Exec v11D 7170 with SP2

  • Here's our background:


    We are using Backup Exec v11D 7170 with SP2 and all hotfixes in place up to 39.


    OS:  Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 and all updated updates


    I've updated the Library's firmware to 5.8


    I've updated the two LTO-4 Drives to 77BE



    Here is the problem:


    In Backup Exec v11D, when you try to export the the tape medias, it will take the tape media out of the slot and place them in the I/O station.


    However, the I/O station does not eject!


    At the console, I can not manually eject the I/O because it says it is locked by the host.  In the Dell Web Utility, cannot release the magazine and says it is locked.


    The ONLY way to get it unlocked is to:


    1.) Unlock the two drives

    2.) AND shut down Backup Exec Services


    This will allow you to release the magazine in Dell Web Utility or from the Console to eject the I/O station.


    Dell first said it was Symantec problem.


    I called Symantec and the case was escalated to level 2 and he says it is Dell's problem because Symantec is using Dell's driver for the Medium Changer for the library.  Symantec will use their own drivers for the LTO-4 Tape Drives no problem.  So, the real bugger is, I am getting nowhere with Dell and Symantec on this PV TL4000 import/export issue.


    Symantec and Dell's Hardware/Software compatibility chart says Backup Exec v11 and v12 will work with PV TL 4000.  To me, it is 80% effective.  The remaining 20% is ridiculous....I would have to unlock and shutdown BE completely before I can release the magazine or eject the I/O from the console to manually import/export the tape medias.


    Is there a way we can have DELL AND SYMANTEC to conference in together on this import/export issue?  I am being ping ponged back and forth and it is really <swear> annoying to have to convince the company to buy something this expensive and new (because of LTO-4 is faster) and find out..."oh, the ejection is not supported" at the end.


    To make it worse, my most recent call to Dell, the Technician stated that all the PowerVault Tape units do not support tape ejection from 3rd party software. 


    I was like, "huh?!?Are you like on crack?  The PV 132T, which is an older unit with LTO-2, can import/export tape medias from Backup Exec.  And you're telling me "ALL" PowerVault Tape units cannot eject or import tape medias from the software????


    If this were true for the PV TL4000 with dual LTO-4 FC drives, newer and BETTER than PV 132T's LTO-2 drive....cannot do a simple procedure such as import/export from Backup Exec???




    If anyone else have a PV TL4000/2000, please let me know what your workaround is in ejecting the I/O station from Backup Exec...






  • massive runaround it sounds like...


    You shouldn't have any Dell drivers loaded when running BE. The changer should be using the Microsoft Unknown Medium changer driver and the drives should be using the latest Symantec drivers.


    If you have loaded other drivers against these devices you will need to remove them. If you have installed the IBM drivers you will need to run the uninstall program that comes w/ the driver and verify that the Changer Bus enumerator and the Tape Bus enumerator have been removed... this will require a reboot. BEFORE YOU REMOVE ANY DRIVERS BE SURE TO STOP THE BE SERVICES. You will need to rerun the device config wizard within B/E and choose driver install option and select B/E drivers for devices.


    To export the medium choose Export to move the medium to the I/E slot. Then all you need to do is Right Click the  Robotic Library (Dell1 or whatever its called) and choose Unlock no need to do the drives. Then from the front of the library choose to Open the I/O slot.