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Power Vault 110T DLT1


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Power Vault 110T DLT1

  • OS 2000 Server, ARCServe 2000 V.7.0

    After the back up running for a while then popup the message "check Activity Log" . When I get in Activity Log the message is
    "The tape is damaged or the drive is faulty"

    Even I did use cleaning Tape and using a brand new tape and it happen to all my tape. I tried to power off and back on the message in Activity Log is
    "E6300 Windows NT SCSI PORT Error ....SCSI Command Retry"

    Please help.

  • I have exactly the same issue with my PowerVault 110T DLT1 connected to my PowerEdge 1400SC through the optional SCSI card.

    Please HELP !

  • Same problem with PowerVault 120 !!!
  • What OS is everyone using when getting these errors? Is this the VS80 drive? I am trying to find drivers for it so it can run on XP Pro OS, but no support from Dell for this OS even though Win2K Pro is supported...