Ever experienced the frustration of a sluggish PC or the hassles of having to reinstall Windows after a system crash or the annoyances of a Spyware infection? Anyone who has gone through such experiences can relate to how much downtime and inconvenience all this can cause.

With that said, though computers & the Internet have evolved at a tremendous pace over the last few years, the number of threats faced by a PC, in the form of Viruses, worms, Trojans, Spyware etc. have also exponentially increased.

We are pleased to announce that we now have an offering which is designed to minimize such failures from happening in the first place. “Prevention is better than cure” – this is the basic guiding principle behind Dell Preventive Maintenance Contract (DPMC).

How does it work?
Our new Annual Preventive Maintenance contract is comprehensive package designed to keep your system running in smooth & trouble-free manner. We offer you a combination of both preventive maintenance & on-call support. What’s more, we would be calling you at periodic intervals (as per your convenience) to ensure that your system is performing optimally. We will also help back up your data, run thorough diagnostics on your system hardware, install the latest updates & ensure that your PC is free from any sort of spyware or virus. Ideally, this would minimize any sort of system crashes or downtime at your end.

DPMC’s Offerings:
1. PC Tune Up
2. Antivirus Update and Scan
3. Virus / Malware Removal
4. Operating system error fixes
5. Run hardware Diagnostics at regular intervals
6. Replacement of Faulty/failing components
7. Critical Updates
8. Dell Installed application Error fixes
9. Assistance with data Back up
10. Create System Restore Points on a periodic basis

Which system and region?
The DPMC service is presently offered for US and Canada customers belonging to Consumer section and is valid for following system models:
Inspiron Desktops & All-in-One desktops
Dimension desktops
Inspiron Notebooks
XPS Notebooks & Desktops
Studio Desktops & Notebooks
Studio XPS Desktops/Notebooks
NOTE - Systems which have exceeded an age of 5 years will not be eligible for this contract update.

Purchase Contract / What if I face an unexpected issue?
If you are interested to purchase the contract or should existing contract holders face any sort of software issue, you could contact us using following means:
1. Tweet us at @DellCares
2. Send us a Private Message using link http://dell.to/vEngxZ
If you would like to know more details about our offerings or service visit us at: http://dell.to/v5c5na