Disclaimer: This wiki is not official Dell documentation but is compiled by Philip Yip (Dell Community Rockstar natakuc4).

Windows 8 Drivers - Direct Links 

Windows 7 Drivers - Direct Links

The driver sets marked as unofficial are generally taken from other Dell systems or drivers from earlier version of Windows available for that model. I have helped others install Windows 7 or Windows 8 on these models and generally got feedback on what drivers work and what don't. It is not guaranteed to work however and likely Dell software support won't support such setups. 



laptops (XP, 7)

desktops (XP, 7)

Note the laptops and desktop wikies are in the form of rough notes, its being updated to the above. Some of the drivers are official for example listed on the Dell ftp website but not on the Dell Drivers and Downloads Page and others are taken from other systems with similar components that may actually share drivers for other versions of Windows. Thus the driver sets listed should work but are not guaranteed to work. If they do work or fail to work, for you leave a comment. 

Disclaimer: This wiki is not official Dell documentation but is compiled by Philip Yip (Dell Community Rockstar natakuc4).

Please add your vote to this IdeaStorm Idea and leave a comment, the more votes Dell get the more likely they are to consider supporting more systems. I initially wrote just XPS/Alienware but you can add more information in the comments (on IdeaStorm).

IdeaStorm Ideas:

Reinstallation Media

Windows 8 OEM .iso Download Link

Windows XP, Vista, 7 OEM .iso Download Link

Request Reinstallation DVD form [Rest of the World]

Windows 7 Availability

Sell systems with a Windows 8 Professional  license and Downgrade Rights to Windows 7 Professional Preinstalled with the ability to have both media

Supported Systems for Windows 8

Increase Windows 8 BIOS Updates/Driver Availability on XPS/Alienware Systems

Windows 8 Start Menu

Dell8 - Work Again with StarDock to Give Windows 8 a Proper Start Menu

Drivers and Downloads Improvements

Driver ID Database for all Dell Drivers and Operating Systems

Drivers and Downloads Page: Suggested Upgrades

More of the "Dell FTP"/"Drivers and Downloads" and less of "My Dell Downloads"

Digita Persona - Windows 8 Driver available from Drivers and Downloads

Dell Touchpad Windows 8 Gesture Universal Driver

Dell Wireless/Broadcom Universal Driver

One Dell Quickset for All Dell Systems

System Configuration

Less Cryptic Information under System Configuration

Dell System Configuration Listing Not Helpful