What is Moblin?

Moblin is open source project, created by Intel and hosted by the Linux Foundation, focused on building a Linux-based platform optimized for mobile devices. It has a unique user interface focused on using the Internet, social networking activity, and media consumption, and is optimized for small screens. The Moblin project recently released version 2.0 , which includes many new features such as the myzone home screen panel, aggregation of social networking content (such as Twitter, last.fm, and instant messaging), a web browser optimized for the user interface, a "zoomable" media player, and an updated connection manager with a new user interface.

What is Ubuntu Moblin Remix, Developer Edition?

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, has combined the core Moblin Version 2.0 interface, libraries, and applications with the internals of Ubuntu Linux 9.04 to create a new Linux distribution, Ubuntu Moblin Remix. We have labeled this distribution as a "Developer Edition", as it is still a work in progress at this time. We are currently targeting developers, Linux enthusiasts, and early adopters who want to get an early look at the software and begin developing for Moblin, participating in the community, and using new technology.

Ubuntu Moblin Remix (UMR) has been developed on and tested solely for the Inspiron Mini 10v. Installing and running UMR on other Dell systems will most likely work, but may not contain all the necessary device drivers and/or run as well as on the Mini 10v. Please keep this in mind when using on other systems.

Get Moblin

Purchase a Dell System with Ubuntu Moblin Remix

To purchase an Inspiron Mini 10v with Ubuntu Moblin Remix, please visit http://www.dell.com/ubuntu.

Download the Moblin Installation Image

To download and install Ubuntu Moblin Remix on your Inspiron Mini 10v, complete the following steps.
NOTE: Installing Ubuntu Moblin Remix will erase all data on your hard drive. Please proceed with caution

  1. Download the Ubuntu Moblin Remix USB image file (ubuntu-moblin-remix-latest.img) from here
  2. Write the image file to a USB key. Instructions on how to do this from Windows, Linux, and Mac OS can be found here.
  3. Put your USB key into the Inspiron Mini 10v, and reboot the system to boot from the USB key. Follow the instructions on the screen

Moblin Information for Users

More Information for Developers