The Dell Linux Engineering team has a customized copy ISO of the Ubuntu 9.04 Live DVD available for download. It is important to note that this actually contains the identical live filesystem as the 9.04 DVD. A majority of the work for enabling Ubuntu is included within Ubuntu 9.04. If you already have installed or upgraded to 9.04, there is very little incentive to install this. By using this disk, you will gain these customizations:

  • You will have the Dell recovery framework put in place that allows you to do a recovery from a recovery partition.

  • Flash will be pre-installed

  • AMD or NVIDIA proprietary drivers will be pre-installed if you have an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card.

  • Additional audio mixer volumes will be set to default at 100% (such as Front or PCM). Main will still be at 80%. Lots of Dell laptops audio is improved by this, and now the full range of audio is controllable by the hotkeys.

  • The system will be configured to use grub2.

Patches directly relevant to Dell hardware have been developed since this media was created. It's recommended that you perform all available updates after using this DVD.

If you already have a Dell system with Ubuntu shipped on it, you should use that DVD to perform the recovery. The DVD playback software and media playback codecs are NOT included in this public image. Using this DVD will produce a system very similar towhat you receive when ordering Ubuntu, but not identical.


Download Dell Ubuntu Image

DISCLAIMER: This image is unofficial Dell recovery media and are provided as-is. Do not call Dell Technical support with questions about this image, or software installed by this image, as they will not be able to help you. If you have any questions, please send an email to the Dell linux-desktops mailing list.

As of 9.04 this image now has the option to perform an installation side by side with Windows w/ Dell addons or to remove all existing content and perform a fresh install. Please visit OS Reinstallation for more information.


Ubuntu 9.04 Dell Ubuntu ISO


To burn this ISO image, you can use any CD burning application, or copy it to a USB key using USB Creator

For directions on how to use and install the image, please visit OS Reinstallation