Dell is currently shipping Ubuntu 9.04 on a variety of machines worldwide.  This wiki serves as a launchpoint to provide information about the Ubuntu image being shipped as well as known issues for systems that are shipped with Ubuntu.

If you are currently using Ubuntu (either on a supported system or loaded it yourself), feel free to add details on the known issues pages.

Known Issues

This known issues section can be used to track known issues with this release of Ubuntu and any fixes/workarounds.  These can be generic to all Dell hardware, specific to supported hardware or even community driven personally installed hardware.

Known Issues


Base Factory Install Image

The factory installation process is a layered process that supports adding in additional drivers, software packages, and fixes.  Because of this, it's not possible to post an entire image that will work on every system.  Instead, a base image is available that provides a majority of support for Dell hardware and doesn't include any proprietary software or codecs that you only get if purchasing a system with Ubuntu on it already.  Be sure to visit the known issues section for information about problems you may run into.

Factory Recovery ISO

Factory Reinstallation Directions


Recovery Image for Factory Shipped Systems

If you have purchased a system with Ubuntu pre-loaded, congratulations.  After creating your user, one of the first things you should do is create recovery media that contains all of the preloaded software, drivers, and scripts.  This media is specific to your particular order.

Create Recovery Media