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  • Wiki Page: Ubuntu 8.10 Recovery Media Creation

    A custom Ubuntu 8.10 re-install DVD or USB key can be created using the utility pre-installed on your system. It is recommended that you create this media when you first receive your computer. In the event that something goes wrong, you will be able to recover using it. All value add-on's such...
  • Wiki Page: Ubuntu 8.10 Factory Reinstallation

    On factory-installed systems, Ubuntu 8.10 can be re-installed via 3 different methods: From hard drive (recommended): By using the GRUB menu at boot time. By using the DVD ISO created after the system is received. By using a USB key created after the system is received CAUTION...
  • Wiki Page: Ubuntu 8.10 Dell Factory Recovery ISO

    The Dell Linux Engineering team has a customized copy ISO of the Ubuntu 8.10 Live DVD available for download. It is important to note that this actually contains the identical live filesystem as the 8.10 DVD. A majority of the work for enabling Ubuntu is included in the 8.10 stable release updates...
  • Wiki Page: Ubuntu 8.10

    Dell previously shipped Ubuntu 8.10 on a variety of machines worldwide. This wiki serves as a launchpoint to provide information about the Ubuntu image that was being shipped as well as known issues for systems that are shipped with this release of Ubuntu. If you are currently using Ubuntu (either...