Download link:  Dell I910 Mini/Vostro A90 USB Key Drive flashBIOS Utility


Dell I910 Mini/Vostro A90 USB Key Drive flashBIOS Utility

Included BIOS:

910_A06.ROM A90_A05.ROM
910_A05.ROM A90_A04.ROM
910_A04.ROM A90_A03.ROM
910_A03.ROM A90_A02.ROM
910_A02.ROM A90_A01.ROM
910_A01.ROM A90_A00.ROM

Creating DOS bootable media:

******   WARNING   ******
Contents of USB Drive will be overwritten.  Verify only the USB Flash Drive to be formatted and made DOS bootable is currently plugged in.  Click Yes to begin the extraction.  When the Diagnostics Distribution Package window opens, hit 'Install to a USB Flash Drive'.
******   WARNING   ******

Note:  USB Flash Drives > 4GB not supported!

Successfully tested with USB Flash Drives of not more than 4GB under Windows XP.

Workaround to create the DOS bootable USB Flash Drive under Windows Vista is to temporarily disable the User Account Control.


Using DOS bootable media:

Under Advanced settings in the BIOS menu, confirm that USB BIOS Legacy Support is set to Enabled!

After creating the DOS bootable USB Flash Drive, change boot order in the I910 Mini/Vostro A90 BIOS allowing USB Storage top position in the boot sequence.  The DOS utility will run following next reboot if the USB media is attached.