These pages are for providing information about consumer platforms (such as Inspiron or Studio) and Linux operating systems that may be loaded on them.  Please post questions on the Forum Boards, answers will not be given here.

Software Platforms

Ubuntu 9.10

Ubuntu 9.04 Moblin Developer Edition

Ubuntu 9.04

Ubuntu 8.10

Ubuntu 8.04 Dell Remix

Ubuntu 8.04

Software Support

  • If you purchased Canonical support when purchasing your Dell system, see Canonical for details.
  • To purchase Professional support for running Ubuntu on these systems, see Ubuntu.
  • Online documentation and community-based support is available through the following venues:

Hardware Platforms

Individual pages are available for discussing issues and workarounds specific to individual platforms.  When detailing an issue, please be sure to specify the OS version.  Even platforms that don't ship with Ubuntu worldwide can be discussed here.

Consumer Hardware Platforms

Hardware Support

Dell supports its hardware sold with Linux. The standard hardware warranty applies.

If you purchased a Dell system with Ubuntu factory-installed, a special hardware support line per country is available:

  • U.S Ubuntu Technical support - (866) 622-1947
  • U.K Ubuntu Technical support - 0870 353 33 53
  • France Ubuntu Technical support - 0825 387 167
  • Germany Ubuntu Technical support - 069 9792 15726