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  • Forum Thread: Can't reload microsoft OS

    My original disk drive crashed. I can read from it. I can hear the heads scraping. It is from my dell dimension 8400 running windows xp home. I purchased a new western digital disk drive. I obtained the OS reinstall disk from Dell. I followed the instructions here:
  • Forum Thread: SW Recovery CD for Laptop LATITUDE D610, English or Spanish

    Hi all, My Laptop LATITUDE D610 needs to be formated and reloaded urgently, it's become extremely slow. But, I don't have the original SW recovey CD. Ay ideas where could I download it, how could I get it (apart from buying it)? I'd prefer Spanish version, but English could be ok also...
  • Forum Thread: Systems restore and recovery disc for Dell Optiplex GX260 SFF computer

    Hi I need to restore a GX 260 back to factory setting, Big problem is that I have no discs - so I have been looking around for discs with no luck - I don;t seem to be able to find any for the model either on Dell wedhub that I can be downloaded. I am running Windows XP pro (It has a valid COA Label...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Latitude E5500 "OS reinstall issues"

    Hello everyone, We have a Dell Latitude E5500 Laptop here at work. One of our employees was using the computer before, but we got her a new one. When I got the laptop it had a lot of problems. All of our computers are freshly rebuilt after they have been used by an employee for awhile. I...
  • Forum Thread: XP install disk doesn't boot

    Recently, my computer had a BSoD. I tried to restart. Gets through the Dell splash screen and then a black screen with a blinking cursor. I ran SpinRite on the drive. There was 1 block could not be recovered. The block number was 666 1479. So, my harddrive is possessed. I've got everything important...
  • Forum Thread: Can not activate Windows XP Professional on Optiplex GX270

    Hi there, we needed to re-install WXP on one of our old machines. Re-install went well and everything works as expected except we can not activate the Windows as it says we are victims of fraud. There was motherboard changed in past by Dell when the machine was still in warranty and on later stage extra...
  • Forum Thread: Windows XP to Windows 7

    Hi I have a Dell Dimension 3100 which is running Windows XP and would like to upgrade it to Windows 7. I originally wanted to restore it to the manufacturers settings by using the Recovery Partition but I have realised this was deleted by a computer specialist after it was infected by a virus many years...
  • Forum Reply: Re: how to reinstall an OS on a Dell Mini without CD/DVD drives

    DELL-Larry R I'm not sure what exactly is needed to do this, but I have heard of numerous people that have done OS installs via USB key in the past. Most recently I have heard of it done specifically with the Mini 9, so you should be able to.
  • Forum Thread: Can I use someone elses Windows XP OS disk for dell, if I have a dell?

    can I use my friends OS disk if I already have a dell, I just don't have the disk anymore! Please let me know ASAP, so that I can reinstall the OS and hopefully get rid of all of these darn problems I've been encountering! Thank you
  • Forum Thread: Cannot fully install windows xp onto my Dell Optiplex GX240

    About a month ago my computer would occasionaly keep rebooting itself when I was on the internet, then it freezed up, so I rebooted and was given a list of options, reboot as normal, which I did it started to load windows and then stopped, so I tried rebooting in safe mode, it started ok, so I ran antivirus...
  • Forum Thread: Refresh XP, removing Ubuntu, and picking up on 2nd hard drive at same time

    Hello, I have a Dell Precision Workstation 380 which has 2 hard drives, containing: a. Drive 1: 2 partitions, with Windows XP operating system installed on partition C, and partition D used to store purely data e.g. photos, e-mail files etc. b. Drive 2: runs Ubuntu When the machine boots up it lets...
  • Forum Thread: DELL DSR HELP!!!

    Hi All, well I recently recieved this Dell Inspiron Mini 10 model PP19S with no DSR Partition but had one when it was built. Apparently the guy who owned it had the Harddrive reformatted and erased it. So is there anyway to get that partition back or even download the utility? Thanks in advanced!
  • Forum Thread: HI

  • Forum Thread: Retrieving Windows Product Key

    I recently had my computer serviced by a Dell technician who replaced the bottom chassis of my laptop (Inspiron 600m). When he did this he replaced my service tag onto the new chassis but not the Windows XP Home Edition Product Key sticker. My hard drive suffered a boot failure that prevented me from...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Latitude D531 and Windows 7

    yes, you sure can install W7 in your latitude.But i think that Dell is giving W7 only with Systems.They don't sell OS as itself. You can buy W7 from The Microsoft website If you are using it for business purpose try W7 Professional or Ultimate...