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  • Forum Thread: how can i download windows 7 home premium OA MEA -- 64BIT

    I was buy Laptop (DELL INSPIRON 5010) have liciense WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUME 64BIT OA MEA But now my window is broken, i want use my license but no windows invalide with my key. How can i do? Where i can download windows 7 Home premiume 64BIT OA MEA? Thank you!
  • Forum Thread: Dell Feature Enhancement Pack - .NET Framework 4.0 Not Found

    I have a Dell Precision M6600 that I've installed Windows Developer Preview on. When trying to install the Dell Feature Enhancement Pack (APP_WIN_R312092.EXE), I get the following error: Dell Feature Enhancement Pack requires .NET Framework 4.0 (Client Profile or Full) to be installed on the target...
  • Forum Thread: reformat

    Hi dell, I have a dell inspiron 14R 5421 and I have a problem with my laptop that will not shut down or restart but it can sleep. I have contacted a dell tech support technician and she says that my laptop has a problem caused by MijXfilt.sys ( MijXfilt+2033 ). She says that I should reformat my...
  • Forum Thread: can i run win 7 32 bit on inspiron n5110

    the question is as the title says can i run win 7 32 bit on inspiron n5110? and where do i download the drivers? says that supported OS for dell inspiron n5110 is windows 7 64 bit only. what does that mean? plz reply ASAP cuz im probably buying today
  • Forum Thread: DELL STAGE

    i wanted to install dell stage and u searched it here in this forum and i also tried to download my software from Download Factory Installed Software (My Dell Downloads) ....... but it says that the service tag is not supported can you please tell me way through which i can download all the software...
  • Forum Thread: Operating Systems Gone!!!

    I have a old dell latitude d600 and some how it has deleted Microsoft Windows XP home edition by it self! I need help putting it back on I have the CD and Product Key and i don't know where to start. I also have one BIG problem my screen is cracked in the middle I cant read what it says in so parts...
  • Forum Thread: Problem with BIOS

    Hi when i update the BIOS the program just delete the BIOS and when i start my DELL INSPIRON MINI 1018 the display didn't work it wont start any program even the operating system please help me
  • Forum Thread: OS won't boot.

    Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop with windows 7. The other day I installed some updates, rebooted the computer, and then put it into hibernate mode before I went to sleep. The next day when I turned it on, it didn't ever take me to the screen where you put in your password. It stays at a black...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Stage Download Link? Download Link
  • Forum Thread: update windows vista

    can any one help me that issue. I have a laptop inspiron-1520. I change my HDD. then I install all of my software. but when I update my windows then my laptop cannot run. but I can run the laptop without update. I am so problem on that can cay one help me on that issue,. yours rounakul
  • Forum Reply: Re: how to reinstall an OS on a Dell Mini without CD/DVD drives

    DELL-Larry R I'm not sure what exactly is needed to do this, but I have heard of numerous people that have done OS installs via USB key in the past. Most recently I have heard of it done specifically with the Mini 9, so you should be able to.
  • Forum Thread: CyberLink pop-up

    Hello, Since I bought my Inspiron over a year ago I have a pop-up two or three minutes after start-up: CyberLink PowerCinema Resident Programme a cessé de fonctionner (CyberLink PowerCinema Resident Programme has ceased to function) As I don't use PowerCinema I thought that...
  • Forum Thread: Where are the Error code Logs

    Ran a diagnostic on a Studio 1555, and it has given me the error code, the error code basically says, that there are prior error codes, in the error code log. I have tried searching for it, but can't seem to find it. Where can I find the error code log for my Dell Studio 1555, Windows 7 OS?
  • Forum Thread: Can't install the drivers in windows xp OS

    Hi! I installed the licensed Windows XP in my laptop, problem is I can no longer install the drivers? Is Windows XP not supported? my laptop's model by the way is DELL Vostro A840. Thanks! -czy
  • Forum Reply: Re: BootMgr is Missing in Dell Inspiron 14 / Windows 7

    Sorry, it seems that I have postet my problem at the wrong place. My Inspirion 1564 does not boot any more because C: was set inactive. However booting from outside is also not possible whatever I do at the BIOS settings. Winfrid
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Latitude D531 and Windows 7

    yes, you sure can install W7 in your latitude.But i think that Dell is giving W7 only with Systems.They don't sell OS as itself. You can buy W7 from The Microsoft website If you are using it for business purpose try W7 Professional or Ultimate...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 6400 bios problems

    Hello, I have installed windows 7 and was advised to update BIOS for the fan problems i had (starts really slow"late") when the laptop was really heater up so i downloaded A17 bios... updated it from DOS was no problem but after the system rebooted i try to enter BIOS and it only show "...
  • Forum Thread: installing xp from factory partition

    On my mothers inspiron b130 I ran Autoruns and found that dozens of ms programs could not be (signature)verified and rthe machine is running very slow, so I backed-up files. And got ready to restore to factory. After a while I found the ctrl+f11 hot key, but the recovery console(?) said something...
  • Forum Thread: my partition was deleted on my inspiron b130 so i cannot restore to factory settings...restore disks available?

    So about a year ago i did the f11 reboot with the partition that enabled my computer (Dell inspiron b130) to restore to factory defaults. Somehow that is now gone, and i would like to get a restore disk with the OS and drivers on it that came with my computer when i recieved it from dell, my computer...
  • Forum Thread: insperion 1100 bad hard drive I need help

    howdy im new to working on computers but want to learn I have a dell insperion 1100 and a 5500 and a few others im toying with my issues are with the hard drive. ok this one first 1100 its only got a 40 hd so i expect it to be slow but the hard drive toke a dump of some sort now it loads to windows xp...
  • Forum Thread: XPS M1710 model MGX061 hard drive crash

    I lost every thing and need to install a new hard which has nothing. where do I get an installation disc for a new install that has everything?
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 1090 DUO Keyboard and Mouse Pad not working, corrupt or missing?

    Ok to start it off, I am trying to fix my girlfriends DUO. She turned it on about 2 days ago and it randomly wouldnt let the keyboard type or the mouse pad to scroll. I have been searching the internet trying to figure out why it isnt working. I realized eariler that when I booted into F2 setup upon...
  • Forum Thread: HEEEELP : Internet programs crash in win7 !!!

    Hi, I got a DELL VOSTRO 1015 laptop and a WINDOWS 7 (home premium version) as an OS . And I do have a serious problem with many internet programs (Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo messenger, P2P programs, Paltalk..- except Mozilla Firefox-) those all crash in all the time and turn to a blank white screen...
  • Forum Thread: Different Dell Docks?

    I have a Inspiron m5030 laptop that came with Dell Dock. A while ago my computer completely frizzed out and would only work on safemode. After getting all of my important documents backed up on an external hard drive we reformatted my computer. During the process I lost the Dell Dock that was originally...
  • Forum Thread: New Dell 1525 star / resume issues - help needed please

    Hi there, I have a new dell 1525 which works fine except for one problem ( well the microphone is far too quiet to be useful but thats no biggie), and I need some help please with a puzzling issue: Problem: whenever I turn on from cold, or resume from sleep / standby, the screen comes up witht...