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  • Forum Thread: May buy nero 12

    May Buy nero 12 Model #NER912800F001. I Like make copies Of dvd+r,+rw/-r,-Rw homebrew recording's Made By a DvD recorder which makes all video in full frame . CAN Nero12 software able To stretch the video To 16by9 aspect ratio on burn to dvd-r,+r reply soon.
  • Forum Thread: Why wont the game load?

    Hi i was tring to load my game called "Spore" were you can create you own games. When i click it this pops up- This Application has failed to start because d3dx9_27.dll was not found. Re-Installing the applization may fix this problem. Then shorty after it says- Spore has stopped working. I've...
  • Forum Thread: Dell extended battery life desktop mode disabled?

    In dell extended battery life, the desktop mode is grayed out. This is a screenshot. How can I enable it?
  • Forum Reply: Re: pc checkup error message

    pc checkup error message: I have the same problem but my computer is a Dell Inspirion 10v windows home XP. I have malawarebytes spyware, done a scan and no malware. AVG pro antivirus scan and no virus. Seem like it all started when I downloaded a update for dell support diagnostic pc checkup. I even...
  • Forum Thread: Microphone bug?

    Hello, hope this is the right place to post this on. If not I'm sorry, kinda new to this ok so i think there might be a problem with my external microphone, my internal works just fine but my dell laptop doesn't seem to recognize my external one all of a sudden. I tried 2 different mics and...
  • Forum Thread: Playing DVDs on INSPIRON 1420

    I need some assistance but am not sure if I am on the right thread. I have loaded Roxio Creator and My DVD 9.0 DE several times over the last couple of years. I have NEVER been able to get it to function to watch a DVD( movie or other program) First I was told that it was a compatibiilty problem with...
  • Forum Thread: locked out, cannot reinstall-1545 PLS HELP

    i'm locked out of a 1545, laptop ignores reinstallation disk, ignores f2 and f12 prompts. i have no idea how this happened. please help! thanks annie
  • Forum Thread: Please help

    Please help i am having a major problem I posted on an old thread but I don't know if it is followed still. Please take a look and let me know. I will check this one and the other thread often. ...
  • Forum Reply: Re: dell inspiron 1545 reset help

    im having the same issue. locked out of 1545, laptop ignores reinstallation disk, ignores f2 and f12 prompts. i have no idea ho this happened. please help! thanks annie