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Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus driver

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Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus driver

  • I tried to update this driver (Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus) on my computer, but I receive an error every time. It has a yellow exclamation mark by it. The reason I want this to function is so I can have sound come out of my TV when I plug in my HDMI. When I try to update it  I get a Intel(R) Display Audio Data Error. I have windows 10 and a Dell Inspiron 15-3521. It shows under "other devices" in my device manager, but should be under "sound, video, and game controllers." 

    The device status is:

    The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

    Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

    To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

    How can I fix this error? 

  • Joshua9663,

    You can click the link below to download the Audio and any other drivers needed for Windows 10.

    Inspiron 3521 Drivers, Downloads, Manuals

  • When I tried to download the intel 4000 graphics driver, which would download the driver for the HDMI, it gave me an error of "one or more of these drivers could not be downloaded." This is the one I am having issues with.

  • Joshua9663,

    Article Summary: This article provides information on "No Audio from the Display When it is Connected to the System using a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Cable Connection."

    No Audio from HDMI Connected LCD Display

    Dell system users are reporting no audio from their display when connected to the system using an High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable connection.

    NOTE: You may need to configure the audio input in the on screen display of the device you are using to use the speakers of the device.

    Solution: Adjust the Windows Audio Output Settings

    The computer audio setting must be adjusted to acknowledge that a Flat Panel Display (FPD) device with audio support is connected to the system through HDMI.

    These are the instructions for configuring HDMI audio out in Windows 8 for a Flat Panel Display equipped with HDMI audio support.

    1. Right-Click the desktop.
    2. Choose Personalize
    3. Click on Sound
    1. On the Playback tab, Click the HDMI Audio enabled display to highlight it, then click Set As Default, then Click OK

    NOTE: If an option for HDMI Audio enabled display is not shown on the playback tab, your HDMI connection may not have audio capability. Not all HDMI capable graphics adapters or Displays have the HDMI audio channels enabled. Use of cable adapters may also prevent HDMI audio functionality.

  • Jesse,

    I have done that and it does not show up in the Playback tab in Sound. My computer is capable of having audio capability, because it worked when I had Windows 8 but now with Windows 10 it does not work.



  • Joshua9663,

    Go into the Device Manager and right click on the audio device and choose to uninstall it. Reboot the computer and when it comes back it should detect the sound card. You can then install the driver.