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Updating PE Environment message after Win 8.1 Upgrade

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Updating PE Environment message after Win 8.1 Upgrade

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After running win 8.1 upgrade I occasionally get msg. that system is updating PE but it never completes as far as I can tell.  Shows as running for about 15 minutes with 20 minutes remaining.  Update box disappears but then I notice TOO QUICKLY that there is an error msg. when I shutdown.

Is there a way to verify that PE ran properly?

Is there a way to view error msg's on shutdown?  They flash too quickly to read them.


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  • It takes about an hour to complete the update; thereafter all works well.

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  • I have the same problem.  I can't install one of my apps because I get a screen stating:  "updating PE environment" that shows elapsed time but no resolution.  The installation is obviously waiting for the PE environment update to finish before it completes installation...it's like waiting for Godot. 

  • I'm getting the same message.

  • I'm getting the same message.  Also I get about one BSOD per day with Windows 8.  Also my Outlook 2013 keeps losing the ability for email hyperlinks to open my browser (firefox).  Microsoft has released a huge pile of <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU>  with this OS.  I want Win7 back with a seamless downgrade. 

  • I got the same message. When I clicked inside the PE updating window, I got a notification about upgrading the Dell Backup utility. I clicked through that and said I didn't want to see this message anymore. I haven't see the PE updating message since.

  • Hi. I believe this is related to the backup/restore partition. What you need to do in order to complete the PE upgrade is to uninstall Dell Backup and Recovery from here http://www.dellbackupandrecovery.com/en-us/Index.html. Once this is installed the PE upgrade dialogue should come up again and then complete. After this you will be asked to restart your computer and it should be aok from there.

  • I've gotten two different popups--neither of which has brought me to a place where I can say that I don't want to see this message any more.Do you remember what you clicked or did to get rid of this advertisement?

    I'm pretty irritated at Dell right now. This "Updating PE Environment" business has cost me a half hour and interrupted my work. I wish Dell would send me an email ad rather than disrupt my work flow. I don't want to upgrade for $39.95/year. Basic is just fine for me.

  • Did you mean to install or uninstall the upgrade? I don't want to install the upgrade for $39.95/year.

  • It takes about an hour to complete the update; thereafter all works well.

  • As long as the stupid windows update takes, asking us to wait ANOTHER hour is ridiculous!

  • The updating PR environment is important if you want the ability to restore from the internal partition. Dell Backup and Recovery is not a part of the Windows 8.1 Update. it must update itself after. It didn't take that long when I updated Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 in a test.

    Philip Yip


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  • It took me well over 2 hours to update to Windows 8.1. That seed like long to me.
  • Thanks. In my case (regarding a canon printer driver issue after upgrading os to windows 10), the pe update just took 5 minutes.