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Windows 8 OEM media

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Hi all. I bought Dell 14z laptop, and I have one question about reinstalling Windows 8 on it. There is no Dell Windows 8 OEM media, and as I understand I can't  order this media because I live not in USA (I'm from Russia). I don't want to use recovery CD's and there is no other way to reinstall OS. As software developer I want to control a state of my laptop because it's my working instrument, I need to make re-partition of HDD, but I can't do it, because in this sitution I can't restore OS by standart Dell Restore util. It's very-very bad.

In this situation I want to know, where I can get official Dell OEM Windows 8 iso, I not found it in "Donwloads" store for my laptop on "". If you don't provide this media I want to know under what law you sell this (Inspiron 14z) item, and why end-user can't install Windows 8 by your-self, already paid for this license.

My laptop service number you can find in my account. Best regards, Sokolov Alexey.

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  • Please see and vote for this idea:

    I have raised this because of the exact problem you mention aswell as other problems which can arise when there is no proper installation media. Please add your vote for it and get others to vote for it (IdeaStorm requires a separate login from the Dell Community).

    I have been mentioning this as a problem a good bit before Windows 8 was released but particularly after it was released.

    The factory restore doesn't work if you change the system partitions and/or manually install an OS which you will do.

    However there is no .iso available from Digital River as was in the case of Vista and 7. Thus you are stuck with factory settings which are insufficient for your purposes.

    The backup form is just for the US but you may try to call Dell Russian Technical Support to get the installation disc. I don't know why Dell have the form only for the US as it makes things less convenient for customers outside the US like me and you. If you cannot get the disc please send Dell-Kirak K a private message with your system service tag, name and postal address, he has been helping some customers obtain the Reinstallation DVD.

    Philip Yip


    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • Use a 16 Gig or larger USB 2.0 flash drive to make recovery media.  This Bootable Media will allow you to reinstall windows if the hard drive needs to be replaced.