If you find yourself stuck in safe mode using Windows 8, the most common answer given is to restart and your system will go back to normal mode.  If this does not work, it is most likely that the start in safe mode box in your boot configuration is checked.  Here is how to quickly uncheck the box.

1.  Using the microsoft window key in the bottom left portion of your keyboard, tab out of your start screen to your desktop.

2.  In the desktop screen, you will notice there is no start button in the lower left corner.  Even though there is no button, there is a hidden "poor man's" start menu.  Placing your cursor in the very bottom left corner of your desktop, right click on that corner.  It might take more than one click.  A menu of sorts pops up.  One of the options is the familiar "run"

3.  Left click on run.  When the box pops up ....type in msconfig then hit the enter key on your keyboard.

4.  A system configuration box will pop up with several tabs including one that says "boot"

5.  Select the boot tab and you will see a safe mode box that has a check mark in it.

6.  Uncheck the safe mode box and hit the apply or ok button.

7.  You will then see a restart button.  Click it to restart your computer.

8.  When your computer comes back up, sign in and you will now be in "normal mode"