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Windows 8 will not boot to safe mode

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Windows 8 will not boot to safe mode

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I tried to install a dual monitor setup on my new Dell Inspiron 660, and in doing so, changed the settings with causes both screens to go blank.  Trying to restart, the computer will not load into Windows.  I tried to get into Safe Mode by hitting Shift+F8.  Instead of going into safe mode, my computer goes into dell ePSA Pre-Boot System Assessment.  Any ideas on how I can get into Safe Mode to restore back into normal settings.

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  • Tap F12  as soon as you reboot to get to the Boot Menu. Do not press the Shift key when using any function keys.

    Edit-- Windows 8 does not use F8 to get to Safe Mode. You must access it by using the Charms, Settings, Change PC Settings, Advanced Start up. For complete directions look up Safe Mode in Help.