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Backing up a Windows 8 System Backup onto an USB Flash Drive

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 laptop with Windows 8 installed by
Dell. The Dell Backup and Recovery Application (not the earlier Backup and
Recovery Manager) in its basic form is also pre-installed. I have purchased the
upgrade to the Premium version of the product in order to utilise the System
Backup function. However it appears that the product does not write a
System Backup directly to an USB flash memory stick. I do not wish to purchase
an external disk drive. Can anyone advise the best and cheapest way of backing
up a current System Backup onto an USB flash memory stick.


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  • Hello Kyoco,

    Thanks for the advice. I shall research the products you mention.


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  • Try the windows 7 File Recovery utility that is also included in windows 8. You can make a repair disk to boot to and a system image. You really should buy an external hard drive. Win 8 also has File History for Backup that you should try. That will backup to a large usb thumb drive.

  • Hi Mary G

    Thanks for your advice. I have already looked at the Windows 7 File Recovery facility and produced a system repair DVD. The facility to create a system image however, will only write to a hard disk or DVD (many of them). Unfortunately I don’t have an external hard disk but I do have a 64GB USB memory stick that I was hoping to use. The File History facility does backup to a memory stick but only user files and contacts etc. Personally I prefer the Windows 7 Backup and Restore facility for user files and found it more practical and simpler to use.

  • Hello Kyoco,

    Thanks for the advice. I shall research the products you mention.