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VOSTRO 3750 & Windows 8: Does not resume from sleep or Hibernate most of the time

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VOSTRO 3750 & Windows 8: Does not resume from sleep or Hibernate most of the time

  • After upgrading weeks ago to Windows 8 (TECHNET account),  My 3750 has failed to correctly recover from sleep or hibernation.    With the latest A14 Bios, which mentioned something about S4 or S5 power states, I thought it might have been fixed.   Wrong.   If I leave the laptop running, I can come back the next day and when i hit the power button to wake it up, it boots clean.  Sleep does work once in a while, when I close the lid and then wake it up a few minutes later, but any long term period in sleep causes a fresh boot and loss of any open programs.

    Anyone else have this experience?  

  • Vostro 3750 to my knowledge has the same Phoenix SecureCore Tiano UEFI bios as my Vostro 3450 and this is what we are getting as well (3 of us so far .. but I bet you there are more people who are having this kind of issues)... Vostro 3350 and 3550 on the other hand have Insyde H20.

    Here's my thread: en.community.dell.com/.../19473585.aspx

  • Hi evanrich/Dolnor,

    To assist you better please provide me the system Service Tag in a private message so that we can forward the issue to the concerned department.

    Meanwhile, please let us know if you have performed any troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue (apart from the ones mentioned in the forum).

    I have added you as a friend. Please accept my friend request by clicking on my name highlighted in blue and then click on “Friends” tab at the top and then click on “Request to Review” and finally click on “Accept” button.

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    Priyanka S

  • I did receive friend request, however no Inbox messages received on my end.

    I've found another issue with latest BIOS A13 for Dell Vostro 3450 ..

    The changelog says there have been some fixes for Quick Set for Windows 8.

    While I was staying on A11 my Fn+F1 monitor extend/mirror hotkey worked, as of A13 it does absolutely nothing .. this menu here

    won't show up at all .. the rest of the Multimedia (Function) keys seem to be working ...

  • I also have issues restoring programs from hibernation - hibernation works, just none of the programs I had open are open when Windows returns (like Chrome says it crashed).  I've been posting in other threads as well, but thought I would post here, to make sure Dell is getting the picture that there are problems with the drivers they are releasing for Windows 8. I have a Vostro 3450.

  • Hi,


    I have the same issue on my new Vostro 3360 running Win8 Pro (64-bit)

    Sleep is fine, but left overnight it will not resume, simply does a cold boot losing any open documents.

    I have enabled and disabled 'fast start up' but it makes no difference.

    Shot period sleep and manual 'hibernate' are both fine.

    The machine re-boots and shutdown/boot both fine.

    The only issue is closing the lid and leaving over night - this is my usual approach.






  • Update:

    My issue seems to be caused by Intel Rapid Start Technology.

    Basically the default setting is that after 2hrs it kicks in, which meant effectively the system is turned off, ie neither a clean shut down or a hibernate.

    So when when trying to 'resume', the first boot fails (presumably iRST trying to resume from a SSD partition), the 2nd time is effectively a fresh boot, meaning when you get back to desktop, your open work/files are lost.

    So either disabling iRST in systray or BIOS, solved this issue for me, then Windows just takes care of it, either remaining in 'sleep' or ultimately hibernating if that is what you have set it to. 

  • Update for me with my 3450 - previously I had installed Windows 8 and then installed the A13 bios update after. Now I have done a clean install of Windows 8 AFTER I had already installed A13 and hibernation works correctly after re-installing the latest ATI graphic drivers from Dell for my system.  Nice it works now - sucks that I had to totally re-install everything from scratch to make it work though.

  • UPDATE of my update. So hibernate and sleep work. Sleep works awesome - so fast!

    But hibernation takes like 3 min. for the computer to turn off. When it resumes, it books quick. But seriously 3 min shutdown?  I have a freaking Intel Core i7!!!  Dell, I have been a life-long customer, but I think this is my last computer from you. I can't trust that you will let me get the latest software on my computer. So dumb.

  • @nwells

    For me sleep error occure randomly. So it occure since you write last post here?

  • So far this has happened to me three times. About once a month, I face this issue.

    Hibernate → Resume from hibernation fails → Windows 8 clean boots and all my previously running programs' states are lost.

    Any unsaved work is also lost.

    This issue is very rare, but ever since it happened the first time, I always fear leaving any work unsaved when hibernating.