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Studio 1558, Unsupported Windows 10 upgrade

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Studio 1558, Unsupported Windows 10 upgrade

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I recently upgraded my laptop Dell Studio 1558  to windows 10. I have following issue, I am unable to control screen brightness. Unable to use apps. also some random system crash ... last 24 hours my machine crashed more than 150 times .. I tried to re-install and tried all drivers. I hope the issue from video driver .. any suggestion ? please help me to solve this issue.

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  • Hello!  So first off this computer hasn't been tested to work with Windows 10.  I would normally say try the Windows 8.x drivers but it looks like it wasn't tested for Windows 8.x either.  What I would do is go to the ATI website if you have the ATI card in your laptop, and download the newest drivers for that.  Also go to Intel's website and see if you can't download the drivers for your chipset etc.  There is a possibility that your hardware is too 'old' and is no longer supported for windows 10 via Intel/AMD/anyone else.  

      The link I provided has all the drivers from Dell for Windows 7, and from there you can get the chipset names etc and see if you can't find them on the manufacturers website.  

  • thanks for sharing this valuable information with us but i am still not able to fix this issue on my blog.

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  • Thanks for making a try but I was unable to fix the issue with my latest blog. Please help me out.

  • Anybody didn't posted answer here, I am also facing same problem. Help us guys.

  • Clark_Adam

    Anybody didn't posted answer here, I am also facing same problem. Help us guys.

    Same problem what?

    As was written above, the XPS Studio 1558 is so old it doesn't even have Windows 8.1 drivers, so Windows 10 certainly wouldn't be supported.

    What is difficult to understand about that?

    The only OS supported is Windows 7 64-bit.

    If you want Windows 10, buy a PC with Windows 10 support.

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  • Many older computers will indeed run Win 10. See my oldies in my signature. My three oldest are 8, 9, and 10 years old, some being upgraded from XP initially. Win 10 will install necessary drivers, usually with bare-boned generics. If the installation finishes, Win 10 has decided the computer is OK for the upgrade. Most often needed drivers after the installation are video, printer, WiFi and touchpad. However, the computer will run with the initial generic drivers. Most Win 8 drivers will work. I even found a compatible video driver for the 10 year old Dimension 9100.

    Problems arise if installation of incorrect drivers is attempted. Because many have installed questions applications that may not play well in Win 10, or have virus infections, sometimes a fresh install will be needed after the upgrade. If you are not sure, search the web for your model to see what others are getting. I

    I did not have any problems with Bluestak.

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  • Hey Aditya, I also upgrade my Dell i3 forth generaton, laptop with Window 10, All other softwares are working well after, installing latest netframe version in it. but Whatsapp with blue stacks is still not working on my laptop. So you can try with latest netframe.

  • The model You are using is one of oldest model of dell laptop as far i know. It was build to support at max of windows 7 fully but it went worked well for windows 8 too, But in case of windows 10 it don't support many of things including some of your mention. So my advise is you should upgrade any of dell's new model. 
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  • same using was faced by me as well, but setting from BIOS fixed those issue, Just need to reinstall windows 10 again and make sure to give proper time zone while installing windows.

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