Black Screen after Windows 8.1 Update in Dell Inspiron 15R 5537

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Black Screen after Windows 8.1 Update in Dell Inspiron 15R 5537

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Hi Guys,

Good Morning, I updated my Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 Laptop from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro by using Store Application.

After Waiting for almost 6 hours, Update was done and after Windows setup, Display was black, Cursor was blinking.....I checked in Microsoft website and i found that not only me and many Dell customers are facing the same issue. i was luckily able to boot to safe mode and i uninstalled the both of my video drivers and i am back to my windows 8.1. After i update my video drivers as mentioned in the link below, still my screen blacks out. So i had no other option than resetting my pc to windows 8 pro.

Video Driver Link :

When i was checking for latest driver for Intel Graphics & AMD Radeon that supports windows 8.1, I am able to find a driver in dell website. why it's not yet updated in the corresponding product driver list.... Actually i think these are the fix. I am not sure. 

If any one has updated and i need a dell support for this

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  • hi good morning... im sorry for asking but can you please tell me how to reset my laptop dell inspiron 15R 4th generation to my original os because i was also trying to update it with window 8.1 but i experienced the same problems with you... would you mind teaching me how to reset because i have 0 knowledge in the dell pc... please?

    thank you so much

  • Hi  friends,

    Happy morning. Im also upgraded  windows 8 to 8.1 in dell laptop 5537,I5,4gb ram,500Gb hardisk with intel grapics card 2Gb. after upgrading  gone to black screen. i want to  go to safe mode  to  disable the  video card in dell laptop.but it is not possible for me.i already tried with F8 key,

    kindly  any friends knows how to go to safemode in dell laptops by step by procedure



  • Hi Jannelle,

    Good Noon,

    1. Force shutdown the system by pressing Power button.
    2. Power on the system, Keep pressing F8 to enter to repair screen. If F8 doesn't work use F11 to enter into repair screen
    3. You will find an Option called "Troubleshoot", Click on that icon
    4. Choose Startup Settings and Click on restart
    5. System will restart automatically and You will find some Options displayed, In that you can find an Option called "Safe Mode" and Press the corresponding number
    6. System will boot into Safe Mode
    7. Go to Control Panel >>> Programs & Features >>> Uninstall the Intel Graphics Video Driver
    8. It will ask you to restart the system. Press restart
    9. System will boot into OS.


    If you are unable to go to Recovery Mode by pressing F8 or F11. Try to force shutdown the system 2 or 3 times while booting and System will go to Automatic Repair and There you find an Option called "Advance Options" & "Restart". Select that Advance Options and proceed from Step 3.

  • Hi Guys,

    After so much for research, I was able to figure it out the problem is because of Intel Video Driver. There is a beta Intel video driver package which supports Windows 8.1. Try to update that package and post your results. As i have already rolled back to windows 8. It will take atleast 4-6 hours for me to update the status. The link is below for Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 Model. and Install Intel HD Graphics 4400 Driver ver You have to follow the link as this driver is not yet uploaded in Dell Drivers & Downloads (refered in Dell Post)

  • There is other way also to enter Recovery Mode. If you are able to boot to OS. launch Charms screen, Select "Settings" and Click on Power icon. Press Restart by holding the Shift Key. System will go to recovery mode.

  • hi.. good afternoon

    thank you so much for the instructions i got my windows 8 back....

    thank you for the very clear instruction...Big Smile

  • Guys,

    Can any Dell Representative reply to us? Come on is there any one active.

  • Hi  friends,

    Happy morning.

    Im also upgraded  windows 8 to 8.1 in dell laptop 5537,I5,4gb ram,500Gb hardisk with intel grapics card 2Gb.

    but there is soo problem coming in my pc my graphic card not working and my F1 key not working .my pc is slow now.

    plz tell me how toh doh my window 8 Roll back,

    please keep in touch i also worried

    <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

  • I apologize for not seeing this sooner.   There are specific video drivers that will need to be installed after updating to Windows 8.1

    AMD Radeon HD 8670M Driver

    AMD Radeon HD 8850M / 8870M Driver

    Intel HD Graphics 4400 Driver

    Please be sure to install the Intel driver before the AMD driver. Please post here if you continue to have problems with updating to Windows 8.1




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  • Dear sir thanks v, much

    but yesterday night i recovered my old window 8 from my backup successful but now its not working well like before.

    now is some new issue comes

    my McAfee anti virus not working not set up link,not installation i contact McAfee team but they want my soft ware key or order number but i have no.

    and my camera is not working and my dell diagnosting system not working.

    and some application also not working please  tell me what i do?

    i wait 

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  • hi good day...

    is it possible to install first the drivers you mentioned before updating to windows 8.1?

    i'm looking forward to your response.. thank you

  • i have dell 5537 i5 laptop with mcafee anti virus free

    but i update my window 8 to 8.1 and come back on window 8 because some problems.

    now my McAfee anti virus not working not set up and also web cam is not working please  tell me what is do for my prob.lems 

    ans also diagnosing system not working,



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  • Jannelle

    I would wait to install the drivers until after 8.1 is installed.



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  • Shahbaz

    I suggest completely removing MacAfee from the computer, restart the system and then reinstall MacAfee and see if the problems continue. 

    As far as the webcam not working, what program are you using with the webcam, have you tried other programs to see if the problem continues?



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  • good day ..

    i tried last time to update my laptop into window 8.1 but after the update i could only see a blank screen and a blinking arrow pointer so i can't do anything in my laptop since it's blank.. i cant even see the menu screen.. so i just returned it back to windows 8..

    I wonder on what shall i do if i try once again to update my laptop and face the same issue..

    I'll wait for your reply... thank you so much