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No print command in windows 8

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No print command in windows 8

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Hi,  I have a dell xps8500 and windows 8,When I go into cook book and pick out a recipe,I can't seem to find the command print. I can't use Screen Shot because when I bring up screen shot i lose the recipe ,this seems to be every where in windows 8  ctrl print doesn't work either or print screen there must be a way to do this, has anyone found a way to print in windows 8??If there isn't a way then miscrosoft should Fix it.I know if your are into windows explorer 10 you can bring up the command print,or use screenshot deluxe 8.






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  • I presume you are using Internet Explorer in the METRO Interface.

    Hover your mouse in the lower right hot corner to trigger the Charms bar. Move your mouse up the bar and click on the Devices charm.

    Your printer and other devices should appear in a list. Click on the name of the printer that you wish to use.  

    A Settings screen for your printer appears, from which you can change the number of copies, orientation, color mode, and other settings. Click on the More settings link for additional options, including paper size, type, and output tray.

    Click the Back button in front of your printer name to return to the previous screen. Click on the Print button to print the Web page.