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Sound Blaster recon3Di disconnected - AlienWare M17xR4

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Sound Blaster recon3Di disconnected - AlienWare M17xR4

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my microphone Sound Blaster recon3Di : it is shown as "disconnected" (both by windows and the sound blaster control panel) and does not work (it has never worked since I have the laptop)... I have tried to upload the drivers but it did not change anything... Did anyone has the same problem and solved it?


PS : I am french so... sorry for the mistakes in english ;-)

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  • I have the same problem... Mine used to work but after I installed Windows 8 somehow the microphone and camera stopped working...

  • I  think I fixed (knock on wood) my Alienware M14XR2 laptop. Dell in their infamous wisdom installed Windows Vista 64bit drivers on my computer for my Sound Blaster Recon3di instead of Windows 7 64bit drivers.

    How I installed windows 7 64bit drivers is.

    I disabled the wireless adapter.

     then connected  to the internet through an Ethernet cable.

    rebooted my computer (about 9 times) until the sound card was enabled again.

    then the first thing I did was go to creative labs web site and let it check the drivers installed and then installed the correct drivers.

    It has been working for over a week now.

  • I forgot to mention My Alienware M14XR2 has Windows 8 on it too

  • Mine just went out today i cant open SB and my system sounds can find 0 audio devices, ive tried 3 head sets and none showed up and i cant even find the built in speakers. please tell me how you fixed this issue.

  • I have an Alienware m14x laptop with Win8  in which the Sound Blaster Recon 3Di frequently stops working as well, there doesn't seem to be any correlation between the audio failure and my computer habits so I am also in the same boat. Very frustrating. After a PC refresh, which is very annoying, and shutting down the system overnight my sound decided it wanted to work again as if a mind of its own. I'm in school for IT so usually I'm able to troubleshoot my own computer problems but I'm finding the completely random audio failure to be quite the hassle. I've done everything to fix this when it happens and nothing!

    I wish I could be more helpful but I just wanted to let you know you're not alone with this problem. What are you seeing exactly when the audio fails? "No audio device output installed" or "no speakers or headphones plugged in"? My audio decides to fail on me at least once a week since I've had this laptop and getting it to work again is often dumb luck after hours of failed troubleshooting. I have a possible theory and when it fails one me again, which it will, I'll attempt his "theory" of mine and let you know if it worked for me. Sorry you're having problems - with an Alienware product you expect the best...very disappointing when it doesn't live up to its own high standards.

  • I would think Dell would stand behind their product BETTER! It seems to me that there are a lot of us having this issue and it would be nice if they would post a fix or at least make any attempt to remedy the situation. There is nothing worse than a mfg to just sit back and watch the issue knowing it is a problem and not recommend a solution. We spend a lot of money for these machines and they should be more stand up on their product!

  • I Totally agree.  i've been having this same issue with my m18x-r2.  what sucks is i haven't found any forum discussions related to this issue i've been having until now.  the same thing happens to me, i go to m playback devices and my internal speakers aren't even there.  it's like they dissipated.  so, i thought maybe it's a hardware problem, but after a lot of tinkering and advice from extremely computer savvy friends, a solution could not be found.  i guess the ghost that takes away my speakers and gives them back when it feels like it lives on :/

  • I was able to fix it, it still happens from time too time though. There are two different ways to fix it one is to restart....multiple times on most cases, and the other to enter B.I.O.S. and do a boot check.

  • Thought I'd add a few instances to your post where I've noticed this happening.  BTW, I have an M17x or running Win7.  Same problem.

    If I mute sound sometimes when I try to unmute it's all gone

    When I shut the lid sometimes when I come back sounds is all gone

    Sometimes randomly when I'm sitting there doing stuff all of a sudden the sound decide to leave.

    Ok, so I havn't added anything new but DELL should fix this without claiming it's a HW issue.