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How to Reinstall windows from System recovery media?

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How to Reinstall windows from System recovery media?

  • Hello,

    I am installing windows 8 Release preview, but soon windows 8 RTM will be available & am looking forward to switch to the windows 8 Final Version.

    As per the terms of microsoft i can't install windows 8 pro from the release preview, for that i need to Reinstall the legal prior windows copy (in my case windows 7)

    for that i created System recovery media (Usb) from Dell Datasafe local backup to reinstall the factory image. My question is after being on release

    preview (Win 8) Dell datasafe will be unavailable, in that case how to re-install windows 7 back from recovery media (usb) how to boot it?

  • not sure what you are asking, however it seems like you want to boot from usb?

    if so you just restart your computer, Hit f12,    before the windows loading screen, You need to hit f12  in the loading screen, Pretty much can just turn on computer and keep hitting f12
    go to boot order,

    Click USB DEVICE


    Then hit any key and follow instructions,

  • Hi Akshay-Mahurkar,

    You will have to boot from the USB System Recovery Media and follow the steps provided below to restore the computer to factory defaults:

    1. Connect the USB drive to the computer.
    2. Restart the computer and keep tapping the ‘F12’ key.
    3. The ‘One Time Boot Menu’ screen appears, select ‘Removable Devices’.
    4. Then select ‘Continue with your System Recovery Disc’ option and click ‘Next.’
    5. Select ‘Factory Recovery’ and click ‘Next’.
    6. At the ’Restore my Computer” page, select ‘Yes, continue’ and click ‘Next’.
    7. Click on ‘Restart’ when the installation completes.

    The computer will be restored to the factory settings.

    Even after installing windows 8, if you want to install windows 7 you can always boot from the recovery partition that has been created

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kiran Kumar
    Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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  • Thanks for your kind help

  • Thanks KIRAN K your reply answers my question very well.