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  • Forum Reply: Re: dell inspiron 1545 reset help

    im having the same issue. locked out of 1545, laptop ignores reinstallation disk, ignores f2 and f12 prompts. i have no idea ho this happened. please help! thanks annie
  • Forum Reply: Re: Vista 64-bit and iTunes Not Responding

    Apple has finally given up on the microsoft installer and built their own. Go to to download the latest version 8.02 for Vista 64 bit systems. Good for them! I cannot launch the 64 bit installer at all - don't know why and have...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Webcam Central

    Okay, so I got a message on my computer about installing the new version of my dell webcam central, so I installed it, but then afterwards the application stopped working, so I restarted my computer, and then it wouldn't even open at all. I then get a message saying that it probably installed wrong...
  • Forum Thread: Factory installed software not showing up in My Dell Downloads

    I ordered Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 11 and they came factory installed on my laptop, however, they will not appear in My Dell Downloads. I tried installing it myself but that prompted a serial key, and that's nowhere to be found. There is nothing helpful in the packaging that came with...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Setting up Yahoo Mail on Outlook

  • Forum Thread: xp program install problems

    iv had this problem for a while but after i wiped and reinstalled xp it became irritating my computer will only install something in "safe mode with networking" but on some things this wont work like updates (im only on service pack 2 for this resin) or office i have no clue whats wrong with...
  • Forum Thread: Why Won't it load? "Spore has Stopped Working"

    Hi i was tring to load my game called "Spore" were you can create you own games. When i click it this pops up- This Application has failed to start because d3dx9_27.dll was not found. Re-Installing the applization may fix this problem. Then shorty after it says- Spore has stopped working. I've...
  • Forum Thread: locked out, cannot reinstall-1545 PLS HELP

    i'm locked out of a 1545, laptop ignores reinstallation disk, ignores f2 and f12 prompts. i have no idea how this happened. please help! thanks annie
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Webcam Central

    It hasn't worked. I successfully uninstalled dell webcam central and I reinstalled it and dell webcam software but dell webcam central is not on my computer. I looked for it on my control panel and programs and features but it's not there. All I have is this file And in setup is where dell...
  • Forum Thread: Dell PC TuneUp Renewal and Upgrade Failed

    I renewed my Dell PC Tune Up subscription yesterday (have used it for 3 years), and the new Dell PC TuneUp upgrade installation froze and failed to install properly. I was required to uninstall System Mechanic to re-install PC Tune Up. Now, whe I download and try to re-install, the installer does not...
  • Forum Thread: The Tragedy of Sound Software

    My computer, a Vostro 200 Dell, has recently picked up a harmful rootkit while a family member was internet browsing on it. I've completed many drastic measures to remove/locate this virus, but none has worked so far. I may have to risk whiping out the hard drive and starting new. Sadly, I don't...
  • Forum Thread: Enterprise Deployment of Quickset Features

    I'm having trouble with the "Internal Network Card Power Management" features of the Dell Quickset software. I'm wondering if, in the registry or command prompt, there's a way to select the option "Always activate on battery". I administer about 1000 Dell laptops that...
  • Forum Thread: Management tools for instal drivers, firmwares, software on laptops, PC etc

    Hi I am new admin of DELL PC and Laptops. I look for some tools for atomatization download new drivers firmaware of dell products from dell portal. Some as WSUS of MS? Exist any SW for this task? THKY
  • Forum Thread: Not able to see thumnailsfor video files

    Hello I am not able to see the thumbnails for the video files suddenly after uninstaling real player software. I have searched on net and checked that options like "Always show Icon never thumbnail" is unchecked and "Show thumbnails instead of Icons" checked. I think i have lost...
  • Forum Thread: how to I upgrade my dell dimension e510 cpu from Intel Pentium D to Intel core 2

    I need help on changing my cpu on my dell dimension e510 from intel Pentium D to intel core 2 but every time I put the intel core 2 in the screen is pure black what should I do?
  • Forum Thread: Vostro 3450 Fingerprint problem !

    Hi, I have a big problem with fingerprint device. The thing is it's not working. I've tried download new drivers, change windows 7 32 to 64 bit and still not working. In Devise manager i see that drivers are installed (R292686 ), but that is not true, if it's not working. Oh yeah, device...
  • Forum Thread: English to Chinese

    I want to change my latitude st notebook from english to chinese language and keyboard. What do I need to do?
  • Forum Thread: Installing Microsoft Office 2003 onto a different hard drive

    I have a question about Microsoft Office 2003. I just added a second hard drive to my Inspiron 530 that I want to use as my primary hard drive. I want to know if I can install Microsoft Office 2003 on my new 1 TB hard drive without any problems from Microsoft. I know you are allowed to install two copies...
  • Forum Thread: Does Safari browser Play html5 Youtube videos better then chrome?

    Before I install Safari does it buffer html5 youtube videos better then Chrome, And support my ie, firefox flash game saves, reply soon? Pc specs: windows 8 64 bit dell xps 8500 desktop, intel core I7-3770 3.4 Ghz,16 gb ram Rest of pc included By dell.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Print spooling

    likefishing, Follow the instructions below and then let me know what happens. Using the patch is a MUST on Vista machines. Go to Windows Updates and get all the latest Updates, especially net framework(custom update). Net framework is needed for most applications to run. Also make sure to...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell Webcam Central

    I tried to uninstall the dell webcam central but then I got a message
  • Forum Thread: TactX keyboard and mouse

    Hello everyone, this might be a stupid question but i really dont know what to do. So the story is: today i bought tactX mouse and keyboard, when i came home i unpack it, plug in, put the cd inside my cd-rom, instal software as "mouse and keyboard" and then restart my computer. When...
  • Forum Thread: Roxio Creator De 10.1 failed to load configuration file on Inspiron 1525 laptop with windows xp

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop that came preinstalled with windows xp and roxio creator de 10.1 software. Everything works fine except for the Express Labeler program (version # which give a "FAILED TO LOAD CONFIGURATION FILE" message everytime I try to run the program. Yet I...
  • Forum Thread: I need my software and bloatware back :(.

    I installed windows 7 ultimate over my factory installed windows 7 home premium, and have lost my drivers, software, and programs; I'd like to get them back and have tried my drivers and utilities disc already, the dell site, and dell back up (which I didn't make a back up), and device manager...
  • Forum Thread: Recently purchased system mechanic

    I ordered a downloadable software called System Mechanic for 1 Year subscription. I never got link to it. Tech support won't help cause warranty on pc needs renewed. Can I get link to software?