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NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A will not recognize DVD or even CD-ROM's

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NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A will not recognize DVD or even CD-ROM's

  • Hello,

    Can anybody give me a solution for this problem?

    Dell Precision M60, 1Gb RAM, 80Gb 5400 Hardrive, Windows XP Pro SP1, and of course the NEC DVD+RW.

    Main problem is that I usually can not read DVD or CD-ROM titles (or even burn them). Sometimes my M60 wants to supprise me and suddenly I can read DVD or CD-ROM titles. After two mouths of working on my M60 this drive didn't work well.

    Please give me some information on how to solve this problem or should I replace this drive?

  • Hello,

    I am having the same problem.  I have the same drive in an Inspirion 8600.  I have spent weeks with Dell support and now they are sending me out a new drive.  Have you already gone through these steps including replacing the drive?  I have downloaded new firmware for the drive from another source, but am reluctant to install it.  My drive will only read the disc if it is in the drive before I start the computer.  On occasion, it works as advertised, but not often.




  • My problem is already solved. Dell did send me a new drive and so far I have no problems at all !!

  • Thanks.  I hope that solves my problem as this issue has brought me to a stand still not to mention extremely frustrated.


  • yeah i'm getting the !_NEC NR-7900A message it's quite annoying. and has rendered my CD drive useless. and the tech support... yeah no help there! thanks dell *voice filled with sarcasm* needless to say i'm not impressed.
  • Okay, my question may sound a little stupid but... is the NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A a DVD burner???  The guy I spoke with on the phone when I purchased my Inspiron 8600 said it was... but... whenever I try to burn a DVD with Record Now!... it says I have to put in a blank or rewritable disk.  The odd thing is, I just bought the disk, and I tried another, and it still doesn't burn.  Is it a DVD-burner or what???




  • Hello,

    I'm having the same problem on a brand new Inspiron 9100 laptop.

    By loooking at the other threads, it sounds as if Dell will need to replace it.

  • I have just about the same problem with my Inspiron 8600. The drive recognizes and plays audio CDs and CD-ROMs fine, but either does not recognize DVDs at all or only intermittently. This is getting very annoying. My DVDs work fine on regular DVD players and other computer-based DVD drives including laptops.
  • And I'm another aggrieved user with the same problem in a Latitude D800 laptop (which is only 3 weeks old). Looking at all the messages here, Dell should consider discontinuing this DVD burner.
  • My NEC 5100A was destroyed before some hours :( I burned 3 cd-r disks successfully. After that i put a dvd disk into the drive. The drive didn't recognise the disk. It doesn't recognise any dvd or cd disk, blank or burned anymore. Windows can see the drive. I made a system restore to an earlier checkpoint without result. The lens seems to be clear. The drive also can't boot windows xp cd or dell diagnosticks cd when i adjust the bios to boot from the nec drive. When i put  a disk into the drive it makes a "tak" sound 3 times and then nothing :( The other bad thing is that i can't eject the damaged nec from my laptop. I unsrewed the screw memory modules cover has. I try to push the lever for the directiion it has to it's arrow and the drive doesn't come out. I wonder if i have to unscrew and other screws. Please help me. I can't eject the drive from my dell inspiron 5150 body although i force strongly the lever for the drive release.
  • Ok I released the damaged drive from the laptop. I had to unscrew and the screw near the memory module. I wish to have as soon as possible a replacement drive.
  • I also have the same problem.  Inspiron 8600, purchased in March.  This machine cost so much, I had hoped at least that it would work properly.  The DVD+RW drive recognizes DVDs on a random basis... usually about 1 out of every 10 attempts.  Won't write.  I am contacting support to try to get them to issue a replacement right away. 
  • Hello,

    How did you solve this problem with DVD-ROM?

  • Dell sent me a new replacement drive. It works fine now.
  • It seems that I've joined the company of a very large group with the same NEC DVD+RW drive problem. I've been going nuts trying to figure out if it's a driver problem or a hardware problem. I have an Inspiron 5150 with the NEC drive installed, and have had progressively poor performance until yesterday when it finally conked out. It operates intermitently with CD's, but seems to have quit working with DVD altogether.

    I'm going to call DEll, but can you explain the procedure that you used? Whatever you did, you wound up with a replacement unit, and I believe that's what I need.