Suspected Driver problems for AMD Radeon HD 6870M graphics card.

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Suspected Driver problems for AMD Radeon HD 6870M graphics card.

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So I purchased a m17x laptop about a month ago.  I am a gamer so I figured this would be a decent gaming laptop, not the best, but decent.  However on all of my games I am getting horrible frame rate relative to what I have been to told what I should be getting with this card.  I just started playing diablo 3 and it will  not even play the opening video.  Meanwhile, earlier before I got into the game, the D3 launcher shouted at me and said my graphics card was outdated.  I went to dell for the latest drivers, installed them. Still does not do anything.  I even went to manager and scanned for drivers but it says it has the latest ones.  I notice that my desktop is fuzzy and so are my games.  I know it is not on my intel graphics card because if I use the switch hotkey, its even worse.

So I really think it is the driver.  I was wondering if anyone can specifically give me the latest version of driver to this card and where to find it.  The version I have currently according to DXDIAG is 8.851.2.0. 

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  • I have the same laptop and an avid gamer. Are you using the 1920 x 1080 display?

    I get great frame rates and have the same driver version. How about your video card bios, mine is version 113-B96117-101

    You can get that info using Alien Autopsy, System Information, Multimedia.

    I run SWTOR with the settings maxed without a glitch, will try D3 after bugs worked out.

    Maybe you got a bad card and should get tech svs on it..