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Serial Number for Adobe Acrobat X Standard

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Serial Number for Adobe Acrobat X Standard

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I just finished re-imaging a new Precision T3500 and noted later that it came with an Adobe Acrobat X Standard CD which I would now like to install.  The install routine prompts for a serial number.  I find no serial number on the disc, its envelope, or elsewhere. 

Can anyone tell me what the strategy is to install from the Dell packaged Adobe Acrobat CD?

Thank You

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  • Hi,

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    Can you check the original package/box where the computer was placed? Did you purchased the application seperately or is it bundled with the computer. Please accept my friend request so I can futher investigate the issue. Glad to help.


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  • Hey! I have more less the same problem. Mine was that i have mi HDD changed and all the software went away. then i downloaded it from my dell downloads and now i try to install it. Anyway, now i'm not able to install it because it asks me for a serial number, which i don't know where it is.

  • Hi Bass player mx,

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    Have you checked the box and package if you see any Adobe application documents or label? Feel free to add me as a friend and send me the service tag of the computer. Glad to help!


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  • I am having the same issue...reinstalled all software cant find the serial number card...

  • Mine came with this pre installed and I didn't get a cd or serial number. I have registered it with my adobe ID and thus got the serial number that way. I can't access my dell downloads as it says service tag not supported even though the xps is only 3 months old. The service techs say they have no record of me getting the software. Its madness what can i do, it came with my system i remember ticking the box for it when purchasing. Where can i get the installation software.

    One minute the service tech tells me it might be on my dell downloads if they can get it working. A minute later he says it is never on my dell downloads. Now there are people in the same situation ripping their hair out both here and on the adobe forum as they do not offer a download of the standard version. many say they were given a slip of paper with the serial on, I checked and got nothing like that.

    Its all very well dell switching to a download solution as opposed to dicss but it is problematic as many systems aren't recognised. How can i get the cd or a link to download my documentation doesn't seem to mention i chose the adobe acrobat preinstalled option?

  • Hi lucids,

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    Please accept my friend request and provide information needed. Thank you.

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  • Hola


    Tengo una Bostro 350  y la adquiri con adobe acrobat X standard  y cambie el disco duro por que el original se ha dañado,  ahora deseo conseguir el mismo software pero no consigo donde descargarlo, que puedo hacer.  tengo una licencia por parte de DELL.  Gracias

  • From the Adobe Help forums:

    Here is the install for Acrobat X standard.

    The RAR password is acrobatix

    & you will need winrar or other suitable software to extract the folder from the archive.

    Winrar can be downloaded from here: To install run setup.exe in the folder.



    After installation of version 10.0 the update to version 10.1.4 can be found here:

    The above is exactly the same as on the official disc that was eventually supplied vis Roshan who was most helpful.

  • I have the same problem.

    Software was downloaden from but unable to install because of the missing serical number. Confused



  • The previous Spanish poster had a licence but not the software, hence me posting the software. Maybe you could explain why you have no serial, what are the circumstances?

    Did your PC come with it preinstalled from dell but weren't sent a disc? Is it still installed but you lost the disc with the licence sticker on?

    If you contact the right people here via the forum and can show that the PC came with the software if you weren't sent a disc they will send you one.

  • I have the disc but not the serial number -- after reformatting it is not recognized.  Has anyone had any luck in this situation?  Thanks.

  • If the disc is faulty then download the software as I mentioned earlier. If you have been sent a disc you would also have been sent the inlet card with your licence on it, that comes with it. If you have lost that and re formatted well I guess if you want the software you'll have to re purchase it, If you were wise enough you might have registered the software at adobe before re formatting. If that's the case then login to your adobe account and the product key will be listed there in your products.

  • I had contact with Dell.

    The number must be written on a card deliverd with the PC. This was not the case with my PC (I did search for the key). ik have a ghost image from the system put it back on the system and used a tool that was able to recover my serial number . I used SIW - System Information for Windows (

  • In common with others here, following recent installation of a SSD in my 2011 XPS 8300  I had to reinstall software inc. Adobe Acrobat X which was originally pre-loaded. I found My Dell Downloads without much problem but without a serial no. I can't complete the installation of Acrobat. I have the invoice showing its presence (bundled with MS Office) but no serial no.

    I would welcome assistance from Dell! Thanks

  • I just bought the new Dell Latitude 6430u. It was supposed to come bundled with Adobe Acrobat X Standard Edition. The Adobe Acrobat X was not preinstalled and the media I received does not have a serial number. Where do I go to get the serial number?