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is anyone getting problems with dell datasafe??? I am trying to login but every time i do ...they are giving "Login Failed"....anyone else got this problem!???

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  • Has your one year subscription expired?

  • I had the same problem - tried tweeting @DellCares, but after a week they had no ideas. I gave up, after finding reviews online saying that Dell doesn't own the program and offers little to no support when things go wrong with it - not something I want to entrust my data to.

  • Here the page you should be using: That will tell you if your free subscription has expired. It should also give you access to paid subscriptions, but I'm not sure. Be sure to use the login you used when you signed up for DataSafe. It might not be the same as your login for Dell Forums.

  • nope...actually i have just started

  • oh! yes that is the page....but i have this icon that does a backup and when its done it says "backup successful" so i am trying to log in to cancel it becuz as you said i dont really feel like i could trust my data with it...but they are not letting me in...

  • Yes every time. I want to cancel my renewal in June but am not getting any advice on this

  • i was searching for some help on this same thing and i came up with this...ever since I have not been getting the problem with is the link..

    you can read it and check it out

  • I have to same problem.  Everytime I try to log on I have to create a new password.  I pretend my old one is a new one and it accepts it.  Then I am able to log on. 

    I also want to tell you that I am not able to retrieve my files.  Dell techs have been working with me for over two months and have not been able to solve my problem.

  • This is kind of funny, kind of not.  I decided to purge files from the backup at Dell Datasafe. This morning I succesfully did it three times. I started one at 8:28 am MT and when I arrived home tonight at 6:30pm MT, it was still purging! I don't have a paid account, I'm just using the free 2 Gb. How long does it take to purge 2Gig of data really?

    I clicked on logout and logged back in and when I click on view log, it says Purge in Progress started at 06/27/2012 8:28 am.

    Guess I'll have to wait for them to shred the data, pick up all 2Gig of 1's and 0's off the floor and then cross cut them.

    Talked me into not subscribing to this service!