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Uninstall Dell Stage

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Uninstall Dell Stage

This question has been answered by DELL-Jesse L

Dell Laptop XPS L702X - Windows 7 Home Premium SP1- IE8

I wish to Uninstall Dell Stage as I have no use for it

In Programs and Features I have Dell Stage, Music Stage, Photo Stage, Video Stage and Stage Remote

If I  Uninstall Dell Stage, will that automatically remove all the Components or do I have to Uninstall them one at a time and if so is there any particular order?


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  • Buttercup99,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Yes, that will remove the program and components.

  • I have Win 7 and when I removed Dell Stage the other components remained. Although I removed each seperately, I noticed a box that said Dell Video was part of the WMC and Win 7. Since then I have some corrupted files in the device manager at removable medisa J,K,L with yellow exclamation points.