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This warning comes up every 2 days.  What does it mean please?  I have run my McAFee  virus software many times and detected no viruses.

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  • This is a Software issue and not a hardware issue (this section).  Best to post on the Software section of the forum.

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  • That's weird - this thread got moved automagically.....

    Jagara:   Most likely just a bug or hangup in the program - or it's possible you have more than one copy or version installed.

    Easiest thing to do is go to Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) and remove all versions of Dell Support or Dell Support Center.   You don't need Dell Support Center at all -  it's convenient, but does nothing you can't do yourself.     But if you choose you can re-download the current version from HERE;    

    There are also several reports here that older models (pre-2007 or so) aren't always compatible with the newest version.

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  • I too got the same Message while starting the Software. Best way i found is to Open Windows Task Manager --> Go to Processes --> look for "pcdrcui.exe" (without the ")...

     --> Select the file --> right click it and select End Process Tree 

    Select End Process Tree...

    If you have had the same issue as i have had this should do the trick. Then restart the program.

  • Hi,

    To add to the above resolutions also uninstall and reinstall Dell Support Center on the computer; providing the link to install Dell Support Center for your reference: mentioned:

    For any further questions in future please feel free to contact us.

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  • I have this problem sometimes too, when I'm not even trying to use the Dell Support Center.  A message box up says that a previous instance is already running.   However, I did not run the previous instance, and I am not trying to run a new instance either. Does this mean that some hacker from the Internet is using the Dell Support Center as a backdoor to hack into my computer?