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Dell Stage ???

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Dell Stage ???

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My wifes new Dell 2305 came preloaded with Dell Stage... I have yet to see a useful application for this addition... Has anyone found it usefull??  It seems to me that the Dell Dock program has much more usefullness and utility..  Thinking of removing it!  Comments or opinions before I do?

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  • My wife's 2305 just showed up yesterday.  I think Stage would be much more useful if you could add program shortcuts.  Otherwise it's just a waste of space in my opinion.

  • I also just got  a 2305, and so far, I think the Stage is pretty useless. I haven't yet found a way to add, delete, or categorize application shortcuts. I have the Dell Dock on other computers, and have found it to be very handy. I have thought about de-installing Stage and installing the Dock, but I'm not sure how it would work with the touch screen.

  • I purchased the 2305 and find Dell support for this application to be very disappointing. There is no manual or instructions on how to successfully use this feature. I removed it from my computer as I did not see any benefit. If anyone knows the where abouts of instructions, please share!

  • I did de-install the Dell Stage and installed the Dell Dock. The Dock works fine with the touch screen, and it is much more versatile.There isn't much documentation for this one either, but it's not hard to figure out. The Dock can be downloaded from the Dell site.

  • Check out this video about Dell Stage...


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  • I tried to remove Dell Stage,music and video from my 8300 xps but the video would not go. How did you uninstall the dell stage,nstage music and stage video?

    Thank you

  • You can add your own application shortcuts to the Dell Stage navigation bar by dragging shortcuts onto it. These are added as individual tiles.

    However, you can save desktop space by closing the Stage Bar and just pinning your shortcuts to Windows 7's taskbar.

  • When I reinstalled with the o.s. I lost my stage, but thank you.