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'Sonic Activation Module' Removal

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'Sonic Activation Module' Removal

  • I have a Dell Dimension E510 Desktop.

    I installed some anti-virus programs last week.  After that, a 'Sonic Activation Module' starting popping up whenever I started up the computer.  Now, everytime I startup my computer I get this Sonic program box stating that I need to install the Sonic CD. 

    I believe that the "Sonic Activation Module" Box is from an earlier Sonic program that I un-installed a long time ago.  I believe there is still part of the Sonic program that didn't un-install completely. 

    This is what the module said:  An Installation package for Sonic Activation Module cannot be found.  Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation 'Activate MSI'. 

    Then, up comes another module that says: The feature you are trying to use in on a CD-ROM or other removable disc that is not available.  Insert the 'Sonic Activation Module' disc and click OK.

    I don't have a 'Sonic Activation Module' disc otherwise I would try to use it to un-install the program.

    Can anyone help me to get rid of this annoying problem.  Thanks,

  • Sounds like you have (or.had) an older version of Dell's Roxio software.    Try the hotfix in the link below - it says Update Manager, but it's basically the same problem:


    If that doesn't work:   try to remove Sonic Update Manager and/or Sonic Activation module from Add/Remove.    If they won't remove, or still pop up, try this to clean up the remnants - note that with Windows Installer Cleanup you should ONLY remove the Sonic entries you don't want.   Don't select anything else.


    Unfortunately, Microsoft removed the Installer Cleanup from its site because it doesn't get along with Office - typical for them to throw out the baby with the bathwater.    You'd need to get it from an alternate site like the one below - just be sure to choose the download for the utility, not something from the ads.


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  • Alexandra_P, THANKS for the help!  I was able to go to 'majorgeeks.com', and find the program that removed the Sonic Activation Module.  Wayne101

  • Did you get any responses???  I currently have this same issue...I have NO IDEA how this happened...but it is REALLY annoying!!!


  • Hello, I'm trying to find the sonic app module. It does not appear in my uninstall list. I tried doing a search and still no results yet still get invalid activation code. Anyone have any clue as to how to find the module? Would really appreciate it.