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Dell Imaging Toolbox - v305

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I do a lot of scanning and this ap is perfect for me because of the "Add Another" feature. But, I now have a major meltdown. When I try to save a scanned image I get this error msg, "Save Failed: The photo(s) you are saving can not be written to disk. Check your free hard drive space and write permissions for where you are saving your photos and try again."

This error is not drive dependent, however my default drive for my scans has 35.7GB free and I do have write permission.

Anyone know fow to fix this problem?





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  • Wow... that was a whole lot of account creation.  Anyway, to your question.

    I have a lexmark scanner that seems to be doing the same thing.  It seems to me that the program (in my case Lexmark Productivity Studio) has a certain temporary memory that fills up rather quickly.  With mine it seems to save about 5 pages at a time (if it's based on file size, it seems to be around 100m... 5x20m per page) when I'm trying to scan multi page documents.  I can't say for sure if this is the same issue you are having, but I hope it helps.  I'm hoping there is a setting in mine with which I can expand this memory allotment.

  • I just found it.  There is a setting that changes the amount of temporary storage your scanner can use on your system.  Mine was set at a pretty low setting for what I was trying to do.  I am guessing that if you can find this setting, it may fix your problem.