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My Dell Dock isn't working with Windows 7

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My Dell Dock isn't working with Windows 7

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Hey all,

Just yesterday I installed Windows 7 Professional - offered by my university - successfully onto my Dell Studio 1737 laptop, and the new Windows is working just great with only one minor issue; I can't get Dell Dock to work from

I've downloaded all three version of Dell Dock from the website; including the "installing..." "reinstalling..." and "installing on another dell" options, none of it work. Everytime the installation went perfectly fine; there was no indication of error or problems encountered during the installion of the Dell Dock. Problem occured when it was done installing with regard to loading the application. I constantly get an error message indicating the language file was not found and requested that I re-check the installtion process.

When I went back to and search for the Dell Dock driver I came across to this page;

Which had version 1.0, A03 and was released on 12/11/2008. Suprisingly, this version of Dell Dock works perfectly fine with my laptop EVEN though when I was checking the compatibility information, this version was not DESIGN for my LAPTOP 1737, nor mentions it was compatitable with Windows 7.

Any ideas as to why such an issue occured? Or I am permenatly stuck with using an older version of dell dock?

Any help is much appreciated.






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  • I have the same problem - sort of. I have a Dell 1440 (64-bit) Inspiron that came with Vista Home Premium SP1 and I just installed Win 7 Home Premium. Most everything works except for Dell Dock. There is a 64-bit version of Dell Dock installed on my machine but it crashes on startup. I went to the Dell Dock (Stardock) site and they state on the site that support for Win 7 will be available on 10/22 - tomorrow! However, they do not seem to have a 64-bit version for download. Does anyone know if they will have a 64-bit version that will work with Win 7?


  • Try this link

  • jiffylee and FTUTONE,

    Have you tried the latest version of the Dell Dock software?  The version currently being offered on claims to support XP, Vista, and Windows 7.  If you haven't attempted that, try it and see if that makes a difference.

  • I have but unfortunately it isn't working properly. The main feature, which is the ability to put in desktop shortcuts into the dock, doesn`t work. I`ve tried re-installing the application but it still didn`t work.

    Is there another way to put in shortcuts into dock or is the drag and drop the only method?



  • jiffylee,

    I did some research, and it looks like there is an option to add all the shortcuts on your desktop to the dock.  To do this, right-click the dock, select Advanced Settings, and look under Settings Data.  You may need to move certain shortcuts to the desktop for this feature to work.  If you haven't tried that, give it a shot and post back here with the results. 

  • I just took your advice and gave it a shot. It works just as you said but with only certain shortcuts; not all desktop shortcuts can be substituted into the dock. In addition, the effect is irreversible. Once the shortcuts are in the dock, any attempts to drag it back onto your desktop will results in the deletion of shortcuts.

    It is a shame that the dock isn't working fully with my Window 7 and it's a great application! Hopefully, there'll be a new update.

    I'm going to try installing the dock application with other Dell and non-dell desktop/laptop to see if the issue is limited to my laptop.

    But if you or anyone else found a solution, please let me know!




  • I have a fairly similar problem.  It downloads fine from but when installing it appears to be installing perfectly but then it brings up an error window that says

    "Could not access network location \Dell\Delldock\SWE"

    Does anyone else have this problem?  I've upgraded my Studio 1537 from 64 bit Vista Home Pro(i think?) to Windows 7 Home Pro 64-bit.  Any suggestions?

  • Hi saregister,

    Have you tried tdownloading the other version of the dell dock?

    • First Time Download
    • Reinstalling on a Dell Computer
    • Installing on another Dell Computer

    If you have then I'm not sure as to why the error occured.

    In additon, I've tried installing the DellDock on other Dell and non-Dell PC that runs different version of Window 7, with no luck. The same issue occurs. I cannot drag any shortcuts from my desktop to the dock. Still waiting for updates although I found it odd that the Dell Studio 1737 does not have a Window 7 (x32) driver update section yet there is a Window 7 x64 section......




  • Thanks for the link DELL-Chris Bu.

    The new downloaded version works fine and all is now working as it should.


  • I have tried installing all 3 methods, repeatedly.  I also have an issue with the download file not having a file extension on it.  I have to manually add a .exe to the end of the file name in order to get it to work.  

  • Have you uninstalled the version you originally had installed?

    I just went to the site again and downloaded the English version. I used the selection that said this was NOT the first time I was downloading.

    The name of the file being downloaded is Delldock15d_setup_ENG.exe and it is 13107KB. If this is not the file you are downloading then you must be going to the wrong site. Try clearing your browser cache ( I am using IE8) before going to the site. I hope this helps.


  • I JUST did the uninstall for the 3rd time, and this time it took.  Only I used the last option available (install on a new computer or something like that). I also used IE instead of the superior Chrome and it seemed to make the download file a bit happier.


    go to this site and download it. i had the same problem, but this one works....



  • If the Dell Dock doesn't add any special Dell items, you could try using RocketDock or ObjectDock (although I think Dell Dock is based off ObjectDock). They both add pretty much the same functionality as far as I can remember (I uninstalled my Dell Dock a long time ago).

  • When  I upgraded my lapop from Vista home to Windows 7 Home Premium I got all of my programs back except for the Dell Dock. I downloaded it from the Dell Dock program & it installed fine. However, whenever I restarted my computer, dell dock was gone. I tried 3 different installs from the same site & still wouldn't show when I rebooted. I finally hit on something using the UAC controls in control panel. The UAC was preventing it from loading up. I disabled it just for the dell dock program & now it reboots fine. The laptop I'm referring to is the Inspiron 1501. I didn't have this issue with my other 2 computers the program installed fine even with Windows 7. I hope this can help somebody