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How do I format my dell studio?(READ PLEASE)

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Im not the smartest guy when it comes to computers I must admit, but im not a complete idiot. My computer was running a bit sluggish and I decided to restore it to its factory settings and reformat the hard drive. It said it could take over five minitues. I let it start and went swimming. I come back an hour later and its still sitting there running. LIke an idiot I turned it off. Now when my computer boots it goes to a grey screen to try and repair and it cant. So I click on factory restore again and check the box and next and it just goes back to the first screen. Its like my computer was half way done deleting everything and erased the ablility to factory restore it. I have all the drives that came with my computer and I havent fooled around with it yet. I decided to wait and ask you guys what I should do. By the way I have a Dell Studio 1737. Thank you and please someone help me

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  • Boot to your operating system disk and reinstall Windows.  You can see if you can do a repair first, but I doubt it. It would have been better if you said which operating system you had. Here's an article that describes the process: Reinstall Windows

  • Okay I formatted my computer. The dell dock was missing but i downloaded it. I have a felling I didnt format it correctly. It runs fine but I want to make sure its set up right. Is it possible to do a factory restore now because my computer will now longer let me.

  • "Is it possible to do a factory restore now"

    Once you've formatted the disk and reinstalled an operating system, the "factory restore" capability is gone.