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Facial Recognition Software for 1640 XPS - Download

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Facial Recognition Software for 1640 XPS - Download

  • Hello All,

    I bought a new studio 16 XPS and had to reinstall the OS for some reasons and found that a lot of softwares were missing in the utilities CD. Especially the facial recognition software. Is there any way to download it?

    Vijay M

  • I'm having the same problem. Where can I download the software?

  • That software is most likely on a seperate disk. If you do not have a seperate disk with add on programs like for your webcam which is proably where it is found then since the competer is new you need to contact Dell Tech Support for assistance.

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  • You have to go to the My Dell Downloads site, register and sign in.  It will give you all downloads not included on CD/DVD.


    Remember to click on New User Registration.

      -- Mike

  • Mike,

    Could you please brief on how to get into smartsource.dell.com

    Cause, I cannot register my new device, I have Dell Studio XPS 1640

    I am really lost and need 2 most essential driver softwares, Dell Webcam Central and Face Access - Facial Recongnisation Software.

    Hope you can help me with the same.



  • Hi,

    I have that software, installer. Initially, when I received my laptop, I've made a backup of the software (program files & other directories related). When I completely formatted my hard drive & reinstall my windows, I put the directories back to their normal locations. Unfortunately I couldn't run the software. I tried to click the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sensible Vision\Fast Access\FAUpdateClient.exe", and the program update began. Then, I've got the installer, installed and used it. Now, I'm still using it. The size is 11.5 MBytes and anyone interested can suggest to me how to send since my email send limit is 10 MBytes.


  • I've tried Mike's suggestion. But Dell seems don't want to allow user to access that section.

  • Hey! Rizuan,

    Its really nice to have your quick reply. one more quick way to get the better and new file for sensible face access, when it updates, there is a new update file and while it was updating, I took up the file from temp folder.

    Anyway, I am interested only into dell webcam central and the other ways to attach can possibly be rediff mail, it gives you upload size of 20MB. And you can always try rapidshare or megashare or other uploads sites. OR Ultimate option would be to split files with WinRAR!

    Anyway, could you please get me, execution filr for dell webcam central 1.01 for Studio XPS 1640!

    Thanks & Cheers' Mate

    Simply Appreciarte All Your Help, Mate!


  • Hey! Riz,

    Do you think, could you please arrange me that software, please!

    ' Dell Webcam Central '   for  Studio  XPS  1640

    Thanks & Cheers'


  • You’re supposed to click New User Registration and then it asks for your email address and a password and a security question.  Then, it will try to launch the Dell system tag utility to get your system ID and give you the available software.

    Are you unable to get to the part where you enter your email, or is it not doing the system check?

  • Try download it here:



    By the way, that is only facial recognition software. not the webcam central since I'm not interested in using that software.

    Hi mhemmes, I've tried that before. But there are no Dell system tag utility running after register my system.

  • So do you ever see the page I'm showing in this screen shot?

    After registering with your email you should be taken to this screen and, you'll need to click the green "register system" button.  I haven't tried to do it on any browser other than Internet Explorer (not version 8 either).  So I can't vouch for any other browser.

  • hi mhemmes,

    yes, i can open the webpage. there are nothing happened when I clicked at the "Register System" button. No pop-up notification etc. By the way, I'm using IE8.

  • Have you tried turning on "Compatibility View" mode.  Attached is the button you need to press, its located right next to the URL bar (looks like a picture of a broken page):

  • Did you try the solution I posted on this blog? (Directed to vijayjosects)