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How to remove Flexnet Connect Software Manager

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How to remove Flexnet Connect Software Manager

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I have a bunch of DELL Latitude D430 laptos, preinstalled with XP PRO SP3.
With the laptops comes also preinstalled program called Flexnet Connect Software Manager.

It notifies randomly for updates with popup window.

I want to get rid of this program, but I'm not exactly sure how.

It isnt shown on add/remove programs, so should I just delete the C:\program files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\ISUSPM.exe ?

I already tried this, but it didnt do the trick.

Any advices are very welcome. Cheers!

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  • If you click Start, Run, type msconfig, then click the startup tab is this program shown there, checked?  If so, uncheck, save and restart. 

  • Hi and thanks for you reply.

    I can found the program on msconfig, named ISUSPM.exe. However disabling it wont solve my problem, since I need a system-wide solution; there are multiple users on those laptops and I cannot disable it for all of them with msconfig.

  • I found this uninstall utility at the Installshield site to remove the Flexnet Connect Software Manager program:  Seemed to work for me.

  • Go to the web address below. Review the options listed under (Discussion) & (Additional Information) As a word of caution if I did not have the authority to make changes on a "Network" to eliminate automatic updates I would not deploy software to disable Flexnet.


  • Hi and thanks for your reply!

    But as I stated (a bit unclearly) in my opening post, I've already tried what you suggested and it didnt help. For some reason the uninstaller wont uninstall the program, even if it says everything went ok.

    For a temporary solution I have renamed the flexnet software folder to prevent it to run in system startup. It seems to work and gives me no error messages.

  • I have seen the same problem. What I am concerned about is that Dell is not insisting that the software they preinstall is properely identified. When the "Software Manager" pop-up comes up, there is no way to igure out what it is. Dell should insist on the software being signed for identification.

  • My heart desired " -defective," as you suggested.

    I ran the uninstall utility, which claimed to remove registry keys but confessed to leaving the files behind.  Dell should be ashamed for installing this carp.

    Update: Once I did "End-Process" in Task Manager, I was able to delete the ISUSPM.exe file.  After that I was able to delete the entire Installshield folder.

    What a messy and dubious un-installation.

    Oh yeh -- and then happy to remove that dumb "Software Manager" shortcut from my Start-button menu.

  • Hi!

    From my experience, I'd advice not to delete the ISUSPM.exe file, but rename it (and the whole UpdateService). I just found out that you will need it if you want to remove Roxio automatic update provided by dell... and god know what else. Cheers!

  • There are a lot of red flags about that company. They are definitely doing shady things. There is a link to their uninstall here.

    I noticed several things: The app is hidden from removing. The icon shortcut disappears from your programs list. All the app ever did was receive notifications that were clearly spamming.

  • I was able to delete the entire FlexNet directory, after killing the two processes.


  • I came here after observing a high amount of traffic (both ways) to this piece of software.  Must have been installed along with some other software (non-Dell) PaperPort? to allow for updates but was appearing way too active for my liking. 

    Just ran the uninstaller and will let you know how that turns out.

  • after a clean reboot I followed this link and it worked for me. took about two seconds..

  • I used these solutions and worked for me. Acresso software manager solutions they given complete explanation.