Unknown Device - on PCI Bus - ACPI\SMO8800 / ~SMO8800 - IRQ 0x00000017 (23)

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Unknown Device - on PCI Bus - ACPI\SMO8800 / ~SMO8800 - IRQ 0x00000017 (23)

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My machine is a Dell Latitude E6320 and I am a Windows 7 user.

I have one unknown device showing in my device manager. I have tried to update the driver but windows does not recognize it as well as I am not able to uninstall / remove it.

Help please.


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  • The free fall sensor http://ftp.dell.com/FOLDER01168946M/1/Chipset_Driver_XWJWG_WN_4.10.0036_A05.EXE

    Philip Yip


    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • Thank you for your help.

  • Dynamite! This worked for me... had the same issue...   Thanks!

  • Thanks. I have a Vostro 3500 and it worked for me too Smile

  • Thanks for that

    It worked on my DELL XPS15, L502X

    I had searched everywhere for it!

    Pity it isn't included in the  L502X Downloads pages, it would have saved a lot of time!!

    I am very grateful for your help