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FastAccess Facial Recognition software

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FastAccess Facial Recognition software

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I recently bought an Inspiron 15R SE with Windows 8. I ordered online along with the FastAccess Facial Recognition Software. I got the instruction said it would be automatically downloaded by Dell Digital Delivery Software which was already installed in my laptop after the second time I powered on my laptop, but apparently not on my Laptop.

I have got full Internet Access.

I have shut down and restarted my laptop many times.

I have checked Dell Digital Delivery Software installed in my laptop and tried the check for new purchases option manually and got the result as your software purchases are up to date.

I checked everywhere and I didn't find this software in my laptop and I don't think I have downloaded this before because I just got this brand new laptop this morning.

I am sure I paid for this software when I was ordering it because it's been charged and written in my receipt and invoice.

Could someone please tell me what is going on with it or if there is anything I could do? Thanks

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  • dell digital delivary fast access recognition 4,not installed

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  • I am having the same problems.  I would love to know how to get this software up and working to save me time rather than investing so much time into finding/downloading/ect.  Can't the software we paid for just WORK right from the start without needing so many extra steps???

  • I am in the exact same situation.

    Dell support (Netherlands) is trying to get an answers internally since March 2013.

    I suspect the Fastaccess facial recognition software simply doesn't work on Windows 8, since 8 has the new start screen in stead of the win7 standard login screen...

    Of course they knew that and should not have let us pay for it.

    Let's hope they are working on an update for Win 8...

  • dell digital delivary fast access recognition 4,not installed