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Help With SyncUp

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I get this message when I start my desktop


SyncUP has stopped working

- Check online for a solution and close the program

- Close the program


When I check what the problem is it says to check windows 7 privacy policy and gives me a link that takes me to Microsoft site but its just the policys nothing to click to say i accpet them

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  • Hi Leanne1,

    Welcome to the Dell Community

    I understand that the Sync Up software loads at startup and the error message appears\

    Sync UP has stopped working

    - Check online for a solution and close the program

    - Close the program

    This software is used for synchronizing mobile phones(Android etc.) with your computer. The Sync Up premium software can be used for connection IPhone to your computer. Please try to uninstall this software by following these steps.

    1. Click Start >> Locate “Search Programs and Files” search box>> Type “appwiz.cpl”, press “Enter” > Locate the “Sync UP” program and uninstall it.

    2. Kindly visit this link and click on “Download” for Sync UP on your PC

    3. Install the software.

    Kindly try these steps and let me know of the outcome

    Glad to be of assistance



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  • Everytime I start syncup, in a few seconds I get an  error message "SyncUP has stopped working" Then in a few seconds I get a message "SyncUP is restarting." This repeats contunuously. So I found this blog above and followed the direction. I completely uninstalled SyncUP and then reinstalled SyncUP from that URL given. As soon as I restarted my computer, the SyncUP pattern of stopping and starting resumed. What can I do. I use SyncUP to keep my school files on both my PC and my laptop. Can this be fixed? Is there another software I could get that would accomplish this? It came with my laptop.