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Dell stage missing characters

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Dell stage missing characters

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So my Dell stage just auto updated. now the text on the tiles is missing characters.

Weather is "WEAT ER"

Shortcuts is "S ORTCUTS"

Documents is "DOCUME   "

I've tried  renaming tiles. Don't know what else to try. It's not stopping the system from working. It just looks stupid.


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  • briano42,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    That's pretty odd. Try uninstalling Dell Stage and then reinstall it to see if that will resolve this issue. You can download the program below.


  • i got as far as uninstalling but wasn't motivated to reinstall. guess i'll never know. sorry.

  • Have the same text problem.  What the file name to download?  Dell Stage icon indicates there are 6 files in Stage, Not sure what file(s) to download.

  • I have the same issue -- missing "H" on the Dell Stage.  Benn that way for a couple of months.  Just putting this out there, as the first responder to this thread indicated this was odd, and to let the Dell techs know, in case they want to address what my be a more wide-spread problem.

  • I also have the missing "H" character since the last Stage update.  Reinstalling did not help.

  • tried it again and the "H" characters are back but now the "W" character is gone.