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Dell Media Experience Re-Install

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Hi there, i am new to forum so please be gentle with me and assume i do not know nothing about computers. I have Inspiron 9300 circa 2005. I have had to reload my operating system Windows xp home edition, and am having probs reloading Dell Media Experience. I have the disc, the software loads, but when i open the programme it locks up on me and an error message which reads "object sychronization method was called from an unsychronized block of code".

This is a total mystery to me "can anyone help me out on this one ?"

PS. Can i also install Dell Media Direct as i have the disk for this also, but have already loaded my op system ?

many thanks


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  • Trevorg1.

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

     You first need to install Media Direct prior to installing XP. Click the link below for instructions.

    Installing Media Direct