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Roxio Creator Premier 10.3 Critical Updated fails to install

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Roxio Creator Premier 10.3 Critical Updated fails to install

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I've been trying to create a Holiday video for my family using the free Roxio software called "MyDVD" that was installed on my Dell computer as part of the Roxio Creator Premier 10 Software package. There were some real bugs in the 10.2 version that was installed - so I used the Roxio Software Manager to update the software to version 10.3. That was buggy as heck as well - so I noticed another Roxio Creator Premier 10.3 Important update which I attempted to install thinking perhaps this would fix the issue I was having trying to add chapters in the menus. BUT - when I attempt to install this "Important Upgrade for Dell" (dell103patch4.exe) dated Nov. 2009 - It says the following: " Software Not Found Roxio Creator Premier 10.3 could not be located on your system. Re-install Roxio Creator Premier 10.3 and then rum this patch again." But - I don't have the disc for this software version - just for the 10.2 version that was originally installed on my system! So DELL - now what do I do to get this less that perfect piece of software to work?

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  • i have the same problem....were you able to fix this?  please help!  thank you.

  • I'm in the same jam, folks.  Called Dell last night, and let them take remote control of my desktop to show the exact problem.  After chatting with a supervisor, the tech said he is Fedexing a new CD to me with 10.3 on it.  (It was not shipped with my new Dell, for some reason.)

    I'm a little skeptical that reinstalling the same ver 10.3 that is from the factory will accomplish much, but that is the plan for now. 

    Will let you know...

  • FIXED!!! i guess my issue was more like kerndog's than gman's in that my laptop came with 10.3 installed.  however, this is what i did....somehow i found "my dell downloads" online and it search my computer for factory installed was then that i saw the roxio software available to download (it said i had an allotted number of 3 downloads for each particular software which has been factory installed to this laptop)...anyway, i downloaded/installed the 10.3 software (which i guess installed on top of the already 10.3??)...not really sure.....but after installing it, i went to the update and botta bing, botta boom.


    and yes, laptop did not come with a cd...who knows why.  as im a "newbie" at posting/forums, let me know if you get this.  thanks guys!

  • Excellent!!  I just completed the fix you describe, phkodack.  Great find, I'm not sure why Dell did not suggest it.

    So then, I apparently still have a CD enroute, which is still good.  If you are interested, I found a link that you may want to consider for your own backup archives:

                Request backup discs for your Dell computer

    And yes, I received your post as an email this morning.  Thanks a lot, and Happy New Year!


  • glad everything worked out!

    another question, but on a little different topic....i'm in the drivers/downloads dell section and i have my laptop/service tag recognized...there's like 25 files that can be has them separated into categories (video, network, memory, chipset, etc etc).  how do i know which ones correlate to my specific hardware (so i can update the drivers/software, etc.?)  any idea?

    thanks and i appreciate any assistance you may have..

  • I am having  the same issue. after installing 10.3 I do an update check and it tells me there is an update. I download and try to install it but it says I do not have 10.3 installed. I went the my dell downloads page and 10.3 is not listed, only power dvd 8.3.1

    Doing a search around I found in the roxio forum that this error is happening because its an OEM version

    The update is only applicable for retail version. The blurb in the software update page says:

    You must own a valid copy of the full, retail version of Easy Media Creator 10. If you did not purchase a retail copy, this update will not work for any other version of Easy Media Creator

    So how do I get this update?


  • Dell did send me a CD.  I would give that a try at this point.

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