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Need pre-installed s/w again.. Smartsource not working...

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Need pre-installed s/w again.. Smartsource not working...

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I need the softwares which came pre-installed like face recognition s/w, dell web cam, etc

I installed win 7 using custom - clean install option (I used the win 7 dvd from my friend, this isnt the one which I will be getting from dell upgrade program)

Now, I tried to register my system on  but after I click allow button noting happens...

What I am thinking is that I will re-install vista and restore my laptop to its factory state and then I will try again, but that will take lots of my time..

So, thats why I am posting this here so that I can get views from other people :)


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  • Does this even work? I have tried countless times.


    I tried IE too as stated in the FAQ, the plugin downloads and installs then nothing happens. |

  • Spent half an hour with both IE and FF, same result. Btw, if any laptop owners out there have a bulge in their keyboard you may want to remove the keyboard and look under  it. I did and found a wad of masking tape of all things wrapped around a keyboard connector.

  • because dell is a rip off and sucks,,, buy toshiba!!!!