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I have just purchased this computer with vista .  I have a white window has opened with the error "failed loading skin name dellprodreg_skin. File shell.css is required in your sscommon/skins/dellprodreg_skin/css directory."   This is driving me  crazy.

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  • Roseymac,

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    Dellprodreg_skin error on Dell systems with Windows Vista

    In case you are getting "Failed on loading skin name "dellprodreg_skin". The file shell.css" is required in your "sscommon/skins/dellprodreg_skin/css/" directory. To fix this problem, please check the skin name in your config file, or reinstall the application" error on Dell system with Windows Vista installed, Below is a work around to uninstall the Dell Software if you would like to do that.

    1. Click on "Start" or Pearl icon.
    2. In the search bar type msconfig and press enter.
    3. The System Configuration window appears.
    4. Click on the Startup tab.
    5. Remove the check mark besides all Dell entries on that window especially Dell Communication software or supportsoft entry.
    6. Click on Apply and Okay.
    7. Restart the system and check.

    Also Uninstall the Dell Commmunication software as per these steps:
    Click on Start, go to Control panel.
    Double click the Programs and Features icon.
    Locate the Dell Communication software entry and click on Uninstall.


  • hello,  I recently purchased a dell laptop for my elderly parents and they are having the same problem with the white box and the "failed on loading skin name "dellprodreg-skin" the file shel.css is required o your sscommon/skins/dellprodreg-skin/css/directory" error message.  I read what you said above and have a question...i am not really computer literate and do not know what you mean when you say "To fix this problem, please check the skin name in your config file, or reinstall the application"  This is happening on  windows 7 vice the windows vista that you mentioned. If I do the uninstall of the dell software, are there any ramifications to this?

    Please advise...much appreciate you anticipated help.