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How to remove the pre-installed Microsoft Office

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How to remove the pre-installed Microsoft Office

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Just bought a new desktop.  Has Microsoft Office loaded on the hard drive. 

I did not pay for Office when I purchased the machine, and therefore this copy is not active.  Not available from "Start", no icons to access it, etc. (as it should be since I didn't buy it...)

I have my own license I want to load.  How do I uninstall the one that came on the box?  It does not show up in Control Panel as software to uninstall.

(I really hate this stuff that comes preinstalled, which you can't access, which takes up precious disk space, but that you can't easily remove...)

Thanks in advance!.


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  • Try the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility;en-us;290301

  • Many new systems come with a "Trial" version of MS Office and that is probably what is on your new PC.   But, with the size of modern hard drives, a 100MB or even 300MB file should not be a problem.  If it is, you should have ordered it with a larger hard drive.

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  • If it's not available from the Start Menu, and there are no shortcut icons, are you sure it's installed? If so, are you looking for it (in Programs and Features) as "Microsoft Office"? The 2007 version is identified as "2007 Microsoft Office System" (should be near the top of the programs list).

  • Thanks.  But the problem is not so much space as it is that I have an installable license to Office '03 and an upgrade license to Office '07.

    The box has Program Files \ Microsoft \ Office 12 on it (Office '07).  I need to install my Office '03 and then run my upgrade to Office '07 with my legit licensed copies.   Knowing MS, I'm guessing it's could well get all tangled up in its shorts when I try to install Office '03 on a box that already has Office '07.  Was really just trying to uninstall '07, then run my install/upgrade with my licensed copies.  But it's not in the Control panel to remove.

    I'm going to give laz123's suggested Installer Cleanup utility a shot.



  • Rebel9:  Good question.  I'm pretty sure it's installed,  I have a C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Office 12 with all kinds of stuff in it.  I'm thinking that's a pretty good clue.



  • Microsoft has written an article on the subject:


    It's been a while since I had upgraded my Office, so I don't have Office 2007 running, but last time I did a clean install on my hard drive and reinstall the Office upgrade, I didn't need to install the original version first - I ran the upgrade CD and it asked me for the setup CD that qualified for the upgrade.



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